Tales from the Vo Witch

This is two years late, isn't it...


Soooo… Gav blew himself up today.

I don’t really know what happened, but somehow… somehow it was us that actually won that day. It’s a bit of a long story, but I think I’ll start right after we got back to the colony.

“No!” I growled, “We are going to go over to their base, find out what they’re doing, and we are going to save those slaves!” Naz rounded on me “Who’s the captain here?” I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. Naz kicked over a piece of junk.

Stumpel spoke up “It would be the right thing to do… but then again,” he chuckled, “ We aren’t the right thing, are we.” Naz nodded, “My family and we are safe, that’s what matters.” Gav countered, “On the other hand, even though we’ve killed their leader, what keeps them from starting over?” “And what keeps them from coming back?” Stumpel finished.

The arguing had stopped for a moment and taking the opportunity, Naz turned his back and started down the hill. No.

I streaked forward at inhuman speed and when I grabbed his arm… a fire in my eyes they’d never seen before broke through to the surface. “There are a lot of people in pain and suffering, more than us, more than your family. So you LISTEN to me now!” Naz stepped back “We are going to go over to their base, find out what they’re doing, and we are going to SAVE THOSE SLAVES!”

There was a silence. I stepped away, cleaning the ashes out of my mind. Naz, tired, just stared off into the junk-filled distance and he wiped the sweat off his face. He said under his breath, “You got a lot of nerve talking like that to me like that, new guy.”

He looked back at us…and I think he saw the truth for once. He sighed, “What the heck, right?” The anger I had built up released and I relaxed. Naz stared me down, “Don’t get to be thinking we’re heroes kid… cause we’re not.” He started down the hill again. “And you smell like dead fish.”

A few hours later we were talking about our plans. Stumpel pointed at the speeder we had stolen from the Rapata gang. “We have a cannon we got from those pirates, let’s use it. If we had WUD weld it onto the back, we’d have a pretty powerful truck.” We all agreed on that.

“WUD” was actually doing his own thing. He had welded a metal cone to the neck of our gang prisoner we had left back strapped to a piece of garbage. He had told him that it was a bomb that would detonate if he got anywhere close to the colony, but it was really a listening device. He asked if he could release him out to go back to his base. Hopefully he’ll give us some good information.

That droids actually really smart. He’s only been here for a while and we already take him for granted. That made me realise I was being taken for granted. Besides when Naz called me “New Guy,” I’ve fit in pretty well into the crew… Which of course made me think of the Resistance.

When I was among their ranks, I wasn’t important by any means, but I lended a helping hand in certain… important missions. I was definitely a member of their team. A good team…

They trusted me… Now never again.

Speak of the devil, Gav had just came back from the Pilgrim. Turns out a recording from the resistance had been sent to us. We’d have to deal with that later.

We had a party to crash.

First we had to get a ride. Our swoops needed some work… So we worked on them for a long time. After about a couple hours the swoops were fixed, but Naz got it into his head he could have WUD weld the cannon from the pirate ship onto it. Suddenly, WUD’s walkie talkie began to crackle. His plan was working.

We started listening in. “Hey, What’s that cone on your head?” “Help me…” “What’s happened to you!” Blah blah blah… We kept listening, but nothing really happened on the other end for couple of hours, and through it we kept on working. We finally realised they had started attempting to saw off the “bomb” after a while, and we heard a splutter when WUD’s first safety measure spit oil into someone’s face. WUD is smart.

After a while they gave up and we started hearing good information this time. WUD called us back in from the welding. Apparently the Rappata gang was hosting a competition for the prize of being their leader, now that Ugly Face and Jeff were gone.

Gav was our guy in close quarters, and I was our talky guy. We would be the best in a potentially up-close/social event, and so we were voted to go ahead and scout out the place. The cannon was a ways off so we would have a head start by a couple hours. Oh well.

As Gav and I rode off into the sunset, we had no idea what was in store for us.

“Uh, Naz?” “Yes, Bandar?” “Remember our, go in, kill everyone and blow up the place on the way out plan…” “I think so.” “Sooooooo… about that.” “Get to the point, Bandar.” “How are we supposed to kill a thousand bikers?” “A WHAT!?”

Me and Gav were looking over a hill to see hundreds of heavily muscled and heavily armed swoop gangers below, streaming in hordes out of the loading bay of a giant ship that had crashed into the side of a mountain. Swoops had been parked outside and were grouped under flags of varying dangerous looking symbols. I spoke into the mich I had “The Rappata gang wasn’t just having a competition, they invited gangs from all over the planet!” “Well…” muttered Naz “crap.” I hung up.

“Guess we got to do this the hard way.” I turn to Gav. AND SO IT BEGINS!

We drive in, wary of the watchtowers with anti spacecraft guns on them, and we park. We slip in behind a group of gangs to avoid check in, pretending we’re with them. WE go up the ramp to find a giant room filled to the brim with people, standing around a giant pit that appears to have roaring coming from it, booing and cheering. Fun competition guys…

The whole room is slanted, so me and Gav start heading down. Into the mess of people.

I walk up and instantly get the information I need to know from some gang members. I’m a pro at this kind of thing. I learn I can find out more about Rappatas slave business by going to the gangs “Librarian.” The door to the office was towards the back of the ship, in the corner.

While I’m being helpful, Gav instantly gets himself in trouble. “Hey you!” Says the enourmous alien Rappata gang member from check in. “Where’s your identification?!” Gav stumbles “I’m uh… in the Hell Hound gang…” “They haven’t arrived yet. You’re a LIAR!”

Gav stutters “They haaaven’t? Are you sure? Because I think – DISTRACTION!” Gav hurls rock from out of nowhere and it hit’s another enormous alien behind Mr. Scary.

Mr. Even Scarier turns around growls at the top of his lungs “HOW DAAAAAAARE YOU!!!” and he punches Mr. Scary directly in the face. He falls on top of another guy, which in turn prompts his own buddies to attack Mr. Even Scarier. Suddenly a wave of Anger and violence spreads from that spot like a food fight! Traveling in all directions, Gav evades the wave and runs for his life.

I had found the door that people claimed the librarian resided, and I watched as another humongous alien species come out through the door, and he’s holding a data pad. He locks the door and starts heading up to the top of the room, where I am. Bingo!

I hook up Gav on the line. “Alright Gav, see that guy at the back of the room with the data pad? I need you to distract him so I can steal that and his keys. Ok?” I turn to see the commotion that has begun and I dance backwards and skirt around the edge of the room to avoid being clobbered to death by a bunch of angry gangers.

I make a beeline for the guy and so does Gav. He pops up next to him and starts acting like an idiot. “Hey!” The guy shoves Gav aside. “No, wait! Look at that!” He points in a random direction. Instead of looking there, the librarian turns and looks back at Gav. “I’m warning you right now, don’t mess with me.”

Standing behind the Librarian, I realise I can’t steal the data pad or the keys at this rate, so I step back into the shadows and over the mich I tell Gav to get out of there.

Gav doesn’t freaking listen.

“Hold on man! I just want to be your friend.” “Did you hear me?” “Yeah I heard you!” Gav says “But I’m not messing with you, I’m just.” The librarian rolls his eyes, “All right…” and takes out a blaster, pointing it in Gav’s face.

So Gav takes his vibrosword and slices off his head.


Soooo, I swipe the Data Pad and hiss at Gav, “You’re lucky nobody was paying attention!” I get as far with Gav as I can away from the dead body into the crowd, and Gav shows me the keys. “I think I can get to the door and get some extra information. You get out of here!”

So I do.

Gav goes and opens the door, and a Rappata member asks him why he’s going in there. “The librarian sent me,” he says. “Oh my god! The librarians dead!” is heard from across the room.

“Heh.” Gav grunts. He stabs the guy through and several shots hit the door a’s he slams it shut and bolts it. He tells me this over the com link as I stand outside. He cuts the computer open with his vibrosword and collects the chips from within.

That’s when he sees the door looks awfully like it’s glowing in the center. He looks up and there’s an air vent. He gets the grate and hops inside. He barely has time to pull it up before some guys break through and start yelling.

I ask him if there’s a way out of the vent and he says it leads down a ways. Down? Uh oh… He asks me why I sound worried. “That means you’re going into the ship! You’ll be going deeper into the mountain, farther from the exit! “Oh”

I hear over the com Gav cursing, and then I hear a clanging a’s other men climb up into the vent behind him. Gav says there’s a T section and he’s going to be able to go slightly up. I n the background I hear a tinkling sound that gets louder and louder, like something rolling down towards him.

Then the grenade blows up.

I see smoke coming out the top of the ship from where I’m standing. Welp… I realise what happened and I climb like hell up the side of the sheer side of the twenty story high vessel.

I found Gav’s hole he had blown in the ship. He wasn’t moving and I hoped he wasn’t dead. Kind of. If he was he deserved it.

I was about to try get him out when I heard clamoring in the tunnel. Someone speaking to someone else behind him. I put my gun through the hole and rapid fired. No more noises. Funny how that works.

Those were the second and third people I had killed directly. Mabie I was more like the smugglers then I thought. No… No, these people deserved it. They were slavers!

Aaaaaand that’s when the cavalry arrived. Freaking Naz, Stumpel and WUD had their run in with some stupid bandits. They had been tuned in to what happened as well I suppose, and they had decided to drive up the other side of the mountain and up the ship from the front that was buried in the mountain.

I got Gav out and the gang came to meet me. I waved the Data Pad at them and yelled over “ABOUT TIME!”

“Not our fault” said Naz, “There were-” “No excuse.” I said. I flopped on my back. Ugh. I’m glad that that was over.

“Attention all guests! There are some intruders and murderers on the top of the base! Reward for their capture will be great. Dead or Alive!”


“EVERYONE ON! COME ON!” shouted Naz. I skittered away and down the ship. I could get to my swoop in time! I practically fell of the ship in my rush getting down, and I cut myself on a sharp metal edge. I got to the nearest swoop and found keys in the ignition. To hell with my swoop!

I looked up to see my gang driving off the side of the giant crashed ship and heading straight down, only to swerve and run along a groove around the humongous engine and out of my sight.

I started off and and I heard someone yelling right behind me. “THAT’S MINE! HEY!” Nononononono…

Three swoops came out from behind me! I turned the hover bike up as fast a’s I could get it going. It wasn’t enough.

I noticed that when two other swoops joined the chase, it was Stumpel and Naz, who had gotten swoops as well somehow, after their near crash at the hands of Naz’s cliff leaping maneuver. The others shot at me, blowing up my swoop, and I went flying onto the ground.

I got up and ran, lasers from the guard towers landing at my heels.

I hear Naz and Stumpel’s guns shooting behind me and two swoop related explosons; looking back I see the only swoop left, empty, pulling up next to me. I leap on and the three of us drive off into the sunset with sounds of rage, agony and exploding swoop gangers dwindling out behind us.

"I want to create my own empire, come back here, and pave over this entire miserable swamp planet!"

Dame Sephine Cadrian

Sephine sat back. She probed the skin of her torso tenderly and grimaced. She was almost positive that Gav had used a Stimpack. When she declined he seemed almost offended, like she was afraid of the pack. Quite the contrary. Sephine knew all too well how effective the devices were, she glanced at the scar across her calf. Gav just needed them more than she. He was always throwing himself into danger for the rest. She would have healed fine eventually.

Her mind wandered to the swamp and she quickly steered it away. The events in that swamp were best left until later. Instead she reflected on the rest of the crew.

Stumple had been eerily silent during the ride home. She hoped there wasn’t a schism forming between him and Wud. Wud had acted in the preservation of their lives, if more thoroughly than she would have preferred. She was going to hear those screams for more than a few nights. Killing the men had been pointless. She knew as soon as they decided to hitch a ride home they would be on the base scanners. She had hoped maybe to exit the situation stage left, a little more quietly. Prevent them from rising to the surface enough to be noticed. That had failed.

Naz coming had been a welcome surprise. He had stayed on the ship so frequently that she was concerned he was avoiding her. She had almost burst out laughing when he lit up his pipe in the transport. It was just so perfectly, Naz. She would need to make time to get to know him better.

She was pretty sure the rest of them had figured out her ‘secret’. Any lengthy association with people and it eventually came up. Living on the edge as she did, she had to use every tool at her disposal. Sometimes she wished she could intimidate people like Stumple or Gav. But instead, she smiled, talked, and tugged on people’s emotions.

The good news was, they seemed unperturbed by her ‘condition’ such as it was. She looked down at the dodecahedron in her lap. It comforted her to hold it, and she always ensures the door was privacy locked. She wondered if Wud would have any idea how to open it. She might ask soon.

Sephine sighed, out the device back into the locked container, and laid back. Hopefully, the captain was well pleased. She did not relish being sent out an airlock. There was one sensitive in his crew at least. She had sensed that.

Her eyes closed as she drifted into that quiet state, and began to draw with her mind.

The tome of her mind. The quill of her intent.

Sephine sits in her bunk. There is a dodecahedron of strange material in her lap, about the size of a small melon. She cradles it gently in her hands, feeling along the edges for cracks or other markings that may give her a hint. She sighs and sets the object aside in a black box with a security code lock snapping the lid shut.

She then draws her attention inward and enters into a meditative trance state. At first during her years on the run she had tried to keep a sort of visual diary in a book. Sephine had always had a skilled hand at drawing, but at one point it had been lost and people had been hurt. She had been forced to do some unsavory things to get it back. Upon its recovery she had used a technique her former master had taught her for preserving memories.

She created in her mind a room. In the room is a large wood desk and chair. On that desk, a large tome of countless pages, and a quill. The tome is a representation of her mind, and the quill represents her intent to remember. After she built this refuge in her mind, she took her book and committed each page of the book to the tome using the quill of her intent. After that she destroyed the book so it could never betray her or anyone else again.

Sighing, Sephine settled into the chair and opened the tome to the first page. A drawing of a young Sephine, frantic and terrified fleeing into a dark tunnel at the base of a statue clutching a small carryall. At the edge of the page, you can pick out a figure wielding a long straight blade of some kind against another robed figure.

Early on the tome is filled scattered drawings that give a distinct impression of desperate times. Cantina’s, cargo compartments, rough people in desperate situations. Sephine through it all, doing what it took to survive. Sephine ages as the book goes on until she is in her 30’s. Life begins to calm in the pictures.

Then the tome it begins to center around drawings of Sephine and a Twi-lek woman of dark red skin; dancing, fighting, loving, and losing.

Sephine stops at the hand drawn image of the woman’s face in a peaceful repose. She runs a finger down the line of her lekku, the lines of her mind in the tome did not smudge but the gesture speaks of sorrow. In her room on the Vo Witch, a tear streaks her cheek.

Sephine moves deeper into the book, flipping through pages, and remembering. Each page flashes by in a moment, but a moment is all she needs. These are hers.

Pausing again, and a slightly more mature Sephine firing a blaster down a hallway at a faceless someone in an imperial uniform. Her face set in a rictus of urgency and she ushers before her a group of refugees. Sephine speaking with a Rhodian in a bar. Sephine at the controls of some speeder streaking across a desert. The images are countless, but they show a life lived fully and moments of grace along with moments of loss and sorrow.

Now she comes to the end of her pictures and a blank page. She picks up the quill of her intent and begins to draw in the tome.

Another page, they sit at a banquet table and through a door enemies prepare for an assault. Sephine stares at a candelabra.

Another page, Naz dancing naked in front of an APC, his nether regions thankfully obscured by smoke.

More pages, more pictures of the last few weeks, her quill moves across the pages rapidly. There is only basic details to these pages. White bug eyed bipeds set free. Violence in a bar. Wookies charging Gav. A freighter splitting open as it tries to land on a gun emplacement.

Sephine draws furiously to get them down. Perhaps in the right order, perhaps not. It’s been a busy few weeks and the scenes muddle together a little.

Finally she stops the constant pen strokes. She’s caught up to the last few days. She turns to the next blank page and starts drawing, more slowly this time. Taking shape under her hands Naz is shaped to the right, watching out the cockpit of the freighter. Some buildings framed in the distance. Center of the drawing is the ancient protocol droid. In the image the droid carries a sinister air.


Sephine stands with a blaster at her side outside the airlock door. Framed in the doorway Naz, and Stumple are seen stuffing guns into holders and grenades to their belts. WUD is just putting the handle of a sword into the duffel they often carry.


Sephine diving behind a pile of rubble as a grenade goes off in the background. A number of gangers can be seen engulfed in the explosion in the background and Sephine’s feet are exposed to the numbing blast.


WUD accompanies the gang members into their warehouse. He looks somehow noble and self-sacrificing.


Drawn from behind Stumple, he stares down the scope of a rifle at a large man who stands with arms akimbo in the classic “gunfighter stands”, but the faces of his men are shocked. The man’s expression cannot be seen because his face is gone and the building behind him is visible through the place where his face was.


Gav and WUD exit the building behind a swarm of former captives armed with blaster pistols. WUD is loaded to the point of almost unrecognizability and Gav is followed by a gang member who peers over Gavs shoulder.


The crew sits around the table in the Vo Witch mess hall and eat ice cream.


Naz is standing below a plasma conduit. Mate’s manipulator arm is holding a screwdriver and almost looks as though it might be thinking about stabbing Naz. Tools are scattered about and the air around Naz is blue.


Sephine and the crew stand before Druge Tonksu and Sephine is pleading their case. She is impassioned and Tonksu has an impartial look on his face, but his guards finger their blasters.


The drawing that comes to life is of crew of the Witch. They stand on a starscape dotted by stars and the Voe Witch flies across the starscape in front of them. A name is writ in elegant letters above each person’s head, and Sephine stands among them.

Sephine sets the quill aside and peers at this last page. This crew is different than the others. Each of them seems to have somehow retained a small bit of their humanity, or in WUDs case, maybe gained some. And while the world around them may burn, or drown in liquid fertilizer, they will fight to survive, and more importantly maybe fight for each other as well.

[Scene fades to black]

Session July 8th 2018
Big badda boom

Well shit, meant to keep this diary going but well, I never did. So whats happened since the last entry? Shot some people, saved some people, got double crossed a time or two, shot some more people, got recruited by imperial agents to do their dirty work and instead signed up with a pirate captain to do his dirty work instead. At least his dirty work is only mildly filthy instead of being the kind of stain you can never wash from your soul.

Or at least that’s the hope. Trouble seems to follow us like flies around a Gamorreans bunghole. We will probably end up getting this pirate gang wiped out while we stand in the smoking crater where they used to be wondering what went wrong. Life in our shitty part of the galaxy seems to involve shooting people, making enemies and eventually dying to said enemies when they eventually catch you on a bad day. Its fun though and that what matters most.

Speaking of fun, grenades and ice cream. Been discovering the joys of both and wondering how people live without these things. I can shoot someone in the blink of an eye and its fun but…(as recently discovered) I can drop a grenade in the middle of a bunch of gangers and BOOM! I worry now that shooting will lose its luster and I will need to explode people on a regular basis in order to maintain equilibrium of sanity. As much as I abhor slavery, I may need to imprison a small ewok tribe and stun grenade them every so often. Of course I am just joking……probably.


Log 6 of Kisara'Fenno

Dearest Talik,

I have more news for you about our plan to escape Ryloth. It is expensive and labor-intensive (read: pain-in-the-ass) work to prepare a secret homestead for a hundred people. Even getting the initial food, equipment, and fuel gave me trouble. We decided to split up—the cargo ship with refugees headed to the uncharted planet while our crew took the Vo Witch to buy supplies.

As we were preparing to leave, a strapping young human named Dregan introduced himself. You’d have thought him attractive, except for his absurd metal collar. Not wanting to be rude, I immediately asked about his bizarre choice of accessory. He admitted it was a nuisance and I introduced him to WD. For some reason, WD seemed… reluctant to remove the collar, but he complied. We left Dregan with Ala (Naz’s sister) to help keep things running smoothly in our absense.

Our crew headed over to Bonadan where WD and Bandar had the arduous job of legally turning scrap—and a nexu corpse—into usable gear for the… well, soon-to-be settlers. Legal methods of trading bore me, so I went with Gav to learn more about his underworld connections. Naz and Stumpel came too; the latter was finally over his illness, but he was still irritable. Perhaps Klatooinians always look like that…

Gav determined he could get us a good deal on food supplies; we’d just have to meet his contact discreetly. So we found ourselves waiting in an open savannah. Stumpel and Naz had misgivings and prepared an ambush in case something went wrong, leaving Gav and me to meet the caravan. An espo met us and indicated which crates were ours to load into the Vo Witch. Even with the hover cart, it took the two of us ages. I became increasingly bitter towards Naz and Stumpel watching us work and cursed their forethought. We paid and the caravan trundled down the road. I did find a tracking device on a crate, and Gav recycled it immediately.

We returned to find that Bandar and WD did extraordinarily well— they converted ALL the junk to useable equipment! That’s a valuable skill I have no patience for. Feeling particularly proud about the lack of deadly incidents while shopping, we met up with the cargo ship. Dregan reported that two of the defecting espos tried to take control of the ship. Nobody had been killed and both espos were in cells. This may seem like nothing to you, Talik, but just remember how minor interactions with espos tend to be deadly when our crew is involved.

WD asked me unload the crates of food and I grudgingly obliged. After setting Ala up with food distribution I remembered the faulty locks that WD rigged—the two espos might escape! I hurried to the cells and found them empty. Rushing back up to the bridge, I ran into WD and Naz who explained that the espos escaped in a pod and it would be pointless to hunt them down. Droid and human then carried on their merry way. Odd, they usually didn’t go this long without arguing.

During the long journey, I helped prepare some structures for the settlers. They are very resourceful and work well together; they will be good partners for the homestead. We finally arrived at the planet and, with the help of the scanning droid, find a suitable place.

Talik, It is utterly beautiful. The homestead is nestled on a sheltered plateau with a waterfall cascading into a river. The ground is fertile and the air much crisper and cooler than Ryloth. It has potential for us… please spread the word with those you trust.

A word of caution… we did receive reports of some potentially dangerous creatures. Nothing to fret about, I expect. The settlers are resilient and industrious people—I’m sure they can handle anything with the help of some fencing and blasters.

That is, however, why I decided to leave with the Vo Witch’s crew. The settlers have the basics to begin farming but they require medical supplies and more protection. As much as I’d like to stay and get a feel for the planet, it’s important I make sure these guys stay on task. Not that I’m scared to stay on this uncharted planet with desperate humans up against who-knows-what… but I must complete the more difficult job of procuring supplies. When we come back and if the humans are still alive still wanting to settle here, then I will send for you and other Twi’lek to join us.

Leaving the settlers with most everything they needed and a protected area, we could finally return the cargo ship to Maryo. We sent it ahead with M8 piloting (I was hoping he would hijack it and I’d NEVER see either again.)
We couldn’t afford the cost of fuel… so we hatched a crazy plan to steal mineral water from R’alla and transport it through the “Rampa Rapids” to Rampa II. Sounded like a quick way to make some credits, so I happily agreed.
WD and I constructed fake credentials that allowed Naz to fly us right alongside the other ships and simply fill up with water. Just as the Vo Witch filled completely, we were ordered by a large ship to cease our actions and land. That was Naz’s cue to take off.

Smaller ships began to fire upon us. Bandar leaped into the copilot seat. Stumpel headed up to the top gunnery and Gav yelled at me to take over the lower gunnery. You need to try firing ship’s guns! I’m clearly a natural as I blasted ships right out of the air! It was chaos, but we escape into hyperspace. Exhilarated, I headed up to the cockpit where I nearly keeled over laughing at Gav whose face was comically reddened from burst blood vessels. How next will he injure himself?!

WD was yelling something from the bowels of the ship where smoke wafted up, but I wanted to watch Stumpel and Naz pilot us through the infamous rapids.

Rapids? More like ‘Rampa riffles.’

The Vo Witch effortlessly made it to Rampa II. We fortuitously found ourselves hailed by a figure who paid us with a chest-full of credits for lousy water. I was itching to get my hands on that money, but Gav elbowed his way through and proceeded to count it. Damn. Wish that had been my job.

I trudged back to the cockpit as Naz and Stumpel continued to glide through the rapids, no problem. Naz lazily took a long drag and scattered ash onto his lap. As he muttered “shit” and looked down <bam> we hit a mine. Regaining my balance, I briefly saw Stumpel shoot a disgusted look at Naz. WD, smoking slightly, hurried up to the cockpit and we astogated our way out of there.

We finally rendezvoused with M8 and the cargo ship near Maryo. Damn. But after much discussion, we decided honesty might be best in dealing with this late delivery. Perhaps we can charm the socks off the owner and muddle our way though with diplomacy and feigned regret.

And that’s where we are now. Waiting to be boarded by the ship’s owner and explain ourselves. Nothing was happening, so I left the guys and came up here to the bridge to finish this letter to you.

All this waiting is making me anxious.

Log 5 of Kisara'Fenno


The past two weeks I have been stuck on a slave transport ship… as the willing copilot.

Before you disown me entirely, let me explain the circumstances surrounding my apparent betrayal. First of all, the ship was completely empty. We were merely transporting it from Etti to Maryo. (On the other hand, this was a favor to the despicable crime lord, Ploovo. And who knows what kind of trading that creep is mixed up in).

For some reason, the guys seem to blame me for having to run this errand, even though I wanted nothing to do with keeping a ‘business relationship’ with Ploovo. All I wanted was to wreck his slaving ship and zoom away in the Vo Witch toward more lucrative tasks. We could easily avoid or incapacitate any potential bounty hunters, I’m sure. But nooooo, the others deemed that plan too “risky.”

So there I was, stuck as copilot on the cursed ship for a two-week trip towards Maryo. At the very least, we all did agree to try and hinder the next slave operation that could take place. WD was able to sneakily set the locks of the cells on a timer to open every 3 weeks and the crew quarters to lock down. It’s impressive he could do this, but I worry it puts too much pressure on the potential slaves to lead a revolt. In lieu of reliving my frustration by breaking things on the huge ship, I mostly stayed in my room on the Vo Witch. I’m not sure what else I could do, Talik.

We were ahead of schedule and Naz convinced us to travel with the Vo Witch over to his home on Tirsa’s moon. I was shocked by the state of the place—junk everywhere, sparsely populated, and the people I did see were emaciated. We found out this place was designated by the corporate sector as a new toxic dumpsite… effectively rendering the entire moon unlivable. Naz’s family and people were now all refugees. Their only option was to die or barter their futures as indentured workers for evacuation.

So, there you have it. We couldn’t leave them. But we couldn’t take them as the Vo Witch is too small and the slaver ship was due in Maryo. If we could only get the contact information of the person who owns this ship, we could possibly convince them that we are running late. Gav and Bandar were to create a small distraction as WD and I snuck into the warehouse to access a computer.

All went smoothly on our end, and WD and I manage to snag a computer and make it back to the ship. WD begins setting up the computer as I walk back towards where Gav and Bandar were. I hear a blaster shot and pick up my pace. I faintly see commotion and begin to run. When I see Gav slice an Espo in half, I am full on sprinting towards them.
Bandar is standing on a crate, yelling towards the refugees with sweeping gestures. He is encouraging the refugees to revolt!

So much for a simple distraction…

My plans change as I see a group of Espo reinforcements swarm off three large ships and head towards the commotion. If only I can steal a ship, maybe we could evacuate the refugees before they are all killed. The closest cargo ship was beginning to power up and shut its ramped entrance. A split decision to hijack the cargo ship has me ready to leap onto the ramp! But it is closing a lot faster than I thought and wow that’s pretty high up by now and— <whoosh> Bandar races past me, leaps into the air, grabs ahold of the ramp and rolls inside just as it slams closed.

Dumbfounded, I slow to a stop and stare up at the ship as it flies away. A moment later, a blue figure with a tarp leaps off the ship. Bandar lands on a building and gets up surprisingly quickly. He will surely feel that fall tomorrow.

A sound of an explosion brings my mind back to what’s most important: my survival. The safest place is the Vo Witch. I turn towards its landing area just in time to see it take off. Damn droid is flying to safety without me!

Ok, ok… think. The second safest place to be is by Gav. I turn and sprint back towards the center of the compound. It is utter chaos. Blaster fire everywhere, refugees and Espos locked in bloody fighting. Talik, it was as if everything slowed down and the desperation of Naz’s people became apparent. They were weak from hunger and using anything they had to fight the armored Espos with blasters. The bodies littering the ground were mostly locals. Young and old. Women and men. It was horrific.

I found Gav hunched over and grimacing. Thinking he was badly hurt, I began reaching for my stimpack. Turns out, he was only frustrated that the bodies he was LOOTING didn’t have any good shit! People were falling like flies around him and he was fixated on finding treasure. That thieving bastard was saved a kick to the head by the cries of Bandar for everyone to get out of the way. The fighting died down as we collectively turned our heads skyward in time to see a burning ship falling.

I ran for my life.

Most of what happened next is a blur. The majority escaped the horrendous explosion, and in the confusion, the remaining Espos were forced to surrender their weapons to the numerous refugees. Bandar and Naz convinced the refugees to gather their meager belongings and board the slaver ship Stumpel landed. We left the doomed moon and find ourselves with one hundred emaciated refugees in the hold of the slaver ship we are piloting. No need to point out the irony of the situation.

We are in the midst of deciding what to do next. There is talk of asking the refugees if they would like to become homesteaders on a planet we have found on our secret route. Talik, what do you think about this as an option for our village? If the planet proves habitable and out of the control of the corporate sector and Hutts, maybe we could secretly relocate there ourselves.

It’s only an idea, of course, but now that I have some money, I could help get a possible homestead started. Think about it. Maybe ask around and see if other Twi’lek would be interested in leaving Ryloth to start anew.

Much love,

TGIF... Some downtime
New herb, new day.

So we got off that godforsaken planet, and I didn’t even get a baby hellhound as a souvenir. The droid is afraid of them for some reason. It’s not like they eat metal.’

Oh well. I got some new herb to try… not a total loss.

We had quite a time though. Found the scientist still alive on the planet. I’m not sure how they survived that long… pretty sketchy place, but these people are pretty sketchy as well. We might not have gotten them on the Witch if the Imperials hadn’t attacked.

Oh yeah.., the Imperials attacked.

I thought l’d managed to stay out of their way quite nicely over the years… but stepping out of the corporate sector may turn out to be quite lucrative, but deadly.

On the plus side, we now own a small piece of business, have prospects in a possibly new black market trade route, and I just bought a new Cam Droid.

Now, if we could only avoid trouble everywhere we go…

Log 4 of Kisara'Fenno

Dearest Talik’Fenno,
____You must have had your doubts when I left Ryloth for a smidgen of fame and heaps of fortune? Well, it is with great pride that I share a little secret with you—I’m currently the richest member of our family. Yes, my cunning has paid off and I am the smug owner of over 10,000 credits. Yes, you read that correctly. 10k, sister dear.
It was a good day…
____The guys wanted to scout out a potential trade route in uncharted territory. We had M8 and WD astrogating for us—big mistake. First the homicidal droid loses us in deep space, swerves us into mynock breeding grounds, and then nearly careens the Vo Witch into an official freighter! Thanks to Bandars stalling on the com system and Naz’s piloting skills, we escape being searched. Sometimes I wonder if WD is in on M8’s plan of omnicide…
____By now, I’m lost, but we stop on a planet they are familiar with, Etti IV. After a demeaning docking experience with local pest control, we are free to explore a bit. I had to pack light, but none of the officials noticed my hidden blaster ;) As the guys headed off to go buy toys, WD intercepted me on my way to the casinos and warned me to surreptitiously comlink the word “fruit” in case of emergency. Hah—I guess fruit must not come up often in droids’ vocabularies.
____The Free Flight Dance Dome caught my eye. Talik, you would’ve loved dancing here! They controlled the gravity to augment the experience. I was here to scam suckers, however. I noticed a table of well-dressed people in the corner already playing cards. Sitting at the table was a stunning woman with iridescent skin; a nervous, slimy Salamander; a grizzled, oily-haired hulking human, and a run-of-the-mill droid.
____I acted the part of naïve, lucky winner from the casino next door. All but the salamander agreed to my opening bid of 1000 credits. I won the first hand with no problem whatsoever. A round of drinks on me seemed the smug polite thing to do.
The stakes kept rising, however, and my usual ‘flair’ for sabbac wasn’t producing the usual results. Those bastards must be cheating me!
____To avoid a scene, I calmly offered the greedy droid the option to restore us our money and leave quietly… It took off running.
____I was prepared for this and managed a glancing blow to his side with my bola. A bundle of credits fell to the floor and in the commotion of the droid racing out the door, I tucked away half into my sleeve. With the remaining 4000 credits, I retreated to the table and in an act of selflessness, proceeded to split the money between the four of us. With an air of tragic disappointment, I left the club and once out the door, I yelled “fruit” in to the comlink, sprinted down an alley to try and catch the thieving bastard. I gave more details to WD and minutes later, rounded a bend just in time to see Bandar tackling the droid. A flurry of movements ensued: WD threatening the droid, Naz scooping up money, and Gav shooing passerby. All their movements ceased when the droid uttered its owner’s name: Ploovo.
____Apparently, he’s one of their seedy business partners. WD staunchly refused Gav and my suggestions to wipe the droid’s memories and to walk away with the money. Naz, Bandar, and WD wanted to meet with Ploovo and maintain positive business connections. I continue to sulk all the way back until we arrive at the Free Flight Dance Dome. Uhhh… they walk right in. My strategy at this point is to hide myself behind Gav’s bulky frame. When I realize he is walking straight towards the table I gambled with I begin to frantically pull on Gav’s shirt. He shrugs me off and sidles right up the scarred man and proceeds to politely call out Ploovo for sabbac-hustling with his droid. The woman looks shocked and as Ploovo slowly stands up and towers over Gav, I realize we—but especially I—am in trouble.
____Ploovo leads us to a private table where I become trapped between Gav and a surly bouncer. As Ploovo chastises Gav, Naz begins to pile the recovered money on the table.
____Every. Last. Credit.
____I am stunned. The group of treasure hunters I chose to ally myself with has just given away a heap of money—no, MY money! (I’m the one who flushed the credit-laden droid out to be captured by Bandar in the first place). No wonder they live in a wrecked ship and eke out a living by running errands. They GIVE AWAY money!
____I continue to glare at each of them even as Naz bargains with Ploovo to “allow” me to keep 2000 credits from the heap on the table. To show no hard feelings, they even agree to run another errand and deliver cargo… for free.
____As we leave the club, I guess I should be happy with the 10k credits I have safely tucked away. But I can’t help the nagging feeling that these guys maybe aren’t as ambitious as I’d thought. So much for sharing the info on my heist job…
____On the bright side, it was an exhilarating day! I’m finally making some hard-earned money. I must beg your patience again, Talik, as I won’t risk sending money to you all until I can be certain it will arrive. Hang in there.
____Love, Kisara

Log 3 of Kisara'Fenno

_____ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit OH SHIIIIIITT!!!
_____That’s been my mantra over the previous day on Cholgana. I’d like you to believe that I’ve survived this long due to my cunning, but Talik, I’ll level with you. Mostly, I’ve slipped, tripped, and fallen into trouble. But I’m not the only one… Take Gav, for instance, he started this whole mess by falling into the dammed ship and being swept away. It just got steadily worse from then on out.
_____I’m already on edge because the sharp-shooter Stumpel is quarantined on the ship from the illness the Nautolan, Bandar, had. As Gav disappears, I start to panic. Everyone is arguing over what to do. Bandar ties a rope to himself, and leaps into the rushing water. A few minutes later, the rope goes slack. I peer out around the edge of the ship, down the waterfall, expecting to see 2 bodies falling away.
_____Suddenly, there is a horrendous screech of metal. I start running back to WD and Naz. I’m running uphill? -shitshitshitshit OH SHIT!- The ship’s falling apart and I’m sliding down the edge. I’m pulled away from the collapsing metal and realize Naz and his goddamn rocket boots are to blame. Our combined weight is too much for the boots, and we keep sinking into the forested ravine below us. I decide it’s a good time to hold on tight in case Naz decides to kick me away and save himself (and the boots). I know where his priorities lie.
_____ We land in the ravine and I comlink over to WD who says he can try to pick us up by the lake. Naz’s mood has greatly deteriorated as his boots won’t start up. The march through the ravine towards the lake felt like the longest of my life, Talik—likely to get eaten at any second, with a glowering Naz muttering about bad ideas.
_____WD needed us to swim a ways out to the ship. Oh sistah… you of all people know I’m no Nautolan. Swimming isn’t my forte. I get about 1/2 way and am struggling when I hear an audible sigh from Naz who then proceeds to practically toss me onto the ship. My sputtered retorts die away as I notice a nexu emerging from the forest where we had been.
_____Sometimes, you just gotta swallow your pride and say thank you.
_____You’ll be proud to know that I also got to save some lives. I was crazy enough to climb on the outside of the Vo Witch and try to help Bandar and Gav back onto the ship from where they were hanging. I steady Bandar as he lands, but Gav is caught. The ship jerks just as he manages to free himself, and he begins sliding down the curved cockpit windows. I grab his jacket and slow his descent just enough for him to find a handhold and pull himself up.
_____We head to the (hopefully) last section of this huge ship. We are a nervous wreck of a crew. After an abandoned camp proves to hold no useful treasure, we enter the ship. As we explore, only WD and I notice a vibroknife embedded into the wall. A brief moment of eye contact, and WD surprisingly gestures me forward to take it.
____A noise from below us prompted our crew to resume its usual argument of what to do next. I just go for it— sneaking down and searching for the jerk who is most likely pillaging the ship for anything of value. Suddenly, roars emanate from above me and I spin around to see Bandar run into a side room and Gav crashing down the ladder. shitshitshitshitshitshit—I practically scream into the comlink that there’s a safe room down here and begin to pry it shut. Gav and WD make it in, but Naz sprints away. I nearly shut the door, when Bandar re-appears but seems to hesitate (claustrophobic?). I grab him and pull him in as Gav slams the door in the face of blue-clawed nexu (?!?!)
_____Update: there are 3 cybernetic-enhanced nexu outside the door. Oh. Shit. We are dead. So very very very dead. shitshitsh—-
_____ I am jolted out of my paralysis by the sound of Gav wrenching off a grate from a vent. With no hesitation, I leap inside. Ladies first when it comes to escape routes, I always say.
_____The vibroknife helps us through the vent system and the 4 of us make it into a hallway only to see a metal-fanged nexu bounding toward us down the hallway. Instead of turning to run, WD begins fiddling with the wall mechanisms. I’m just getting my blaster ready as echoing booming sounds begin. WD forced the door system into lockdown! Doors begin crashing shut in a domino effect behind the nexu. It leaps toward us, metal teeth glinting, and BAM! it is crushed by the port slamming down. Blood pools sickeningly from under the door.
____Relief is quelled as I realize that we are now stuck. shit.

WTF? Or...How I Learned to Fly While Eating Calamari!

There’s nothing like a good smoke. I mean, sex is great. Don’t get me wrong. But, a good smoke never disappoints, and there’s no chance you’re going to disappoint the smoke.

Then, there’s flying. I nailed that asteroid field like a serlac in a poonte hole. I don’t want to brag, but it was wicked sick…

… and what was my reward?

A planet full of teeth.


So, this is where our salvage is located? A jungle planet full of monsters. it’s far too humid, and the constant chirping of insects makes the back of my eyes hurt.

I found a good landing spot in the side of a cliff. We’re hidden in a sort of gave several hundred feet above the forest floor. There’s a source of fresh water, and Stump and I set up the perimeter fence so nothing can get in.

After a break, we get ready to descend down into the tangled mess of green below us. Stump and I use our new boots while the rest of the fools climb. They will not laugh at our purchases from here on out.

We make our way to another drop where we think an escape pod crashed on the canyon floor. Sure enough, there is wreckage 9n a small lake below.

The others unpack their climbing gear while Stump and I, once again, just jump off the cliff and slowly descend in our shiny new rocket boots.

Eat that you fancy pants.

Not long after, all hell broke loose.

I’m not going to say this planet is the worst planet… ok, no., yes… it is the worst planet I’ve ever been on. I’m trying to enjoy a good smoke when I hear screams coming from above, it appears sea creatures on this planet have decided to sprout fur and live in the trees. 5, 10…20 of these evil squid are dropping out of the trees.

They attack ‘tentacle head’ first. I’m thinking maybe they mistook her head for one of their own, but it doesn’t sound like a friendly hello. We start shooting. All I remember was a lot of fur and tentacles… followed by blood… and tentacles. We’ll be eating calimari tonight.

After that battle, we descend again to find the escape pod. The only thing of muck value is the ship recorder. Bolts made his way into the pod to retrieve it. We then ascend to the jungle above and begin our way back to the ship.

Almost home… and it strikes. I’ve heard of Nexu, but had yet encounter one. It’s basically a large amount of teeth with a tail. Gav is pretty worked over, but Stump and I get some good shots in. We finally kill it, but not without some damage done.

And, did I mention, I shot Stump. I’m not going to hear the end of this one.

We rest on the Witch, and head out in the morning…flying above this green turd of a planet. We finally run into the Rodians. They are scanning, and don’t notice us. We find the salvage. It’s in a lake. Fun.


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