Tales from the Vo Witch

2nd Log of WUD

The slavers were not after us. That is why we were not destroyed. We freed a few of the people. Not all could be saved. A plan was made to get and free the rest. Well not a true plan, more of a action put in motion. We had caught a gang member. I put a collar on him and told him it was a proximity bomb set for the town. It was not a bomb but a an open com unit so I could hear what he was hearing.
It was decided to go find the gangers accountant. We set out to there base. When we got there we saw far more gangers than we expected. I made a good plan to have only to members infiltrate. They were unable to stick to the plan. One of them was badly hurt because he didn’t listen to my plan. The captain and I had to go get him. Now under fire we need to get back to the speeder truck and get away. I have doubts…


Jake JesseFoster

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