Tales from the Vo Witch

Session 3.5

A Promise to Keep

Actually, I got a little ahead of myself there.

The ship didn’t land just yet. I had time to save some prisoners from the cage thing on the back of the speeder. I could only get them out one at a time because of the small door.

Gav asked the droid to heal him. “I am not specialised in organic matter, but I can always use practice.” Gav stepped back, “On second thought…” “Don’t worry, you’re 96% expendable!”

I have to hand it to the droid, he’s probably better than me at healing. As I unloaded people, I thought of Keemi, she was a nurse. The droid remarked to Naz “I have organically welded Gav together again.” Naz looked confused. “Did it work?” “He’s not dead, I count that as a success!” Droid seems to be in a better mood. I’m not though.

I only saved 14 people before the ship put up it’s spotlights, and they instantly fixed themselves on several escaped prisoners. High powered laser cannons lined the bottom of the dropship, and they aimed downwards at the people on the hill, thankfully not at the speeder. “Dam,” I grumbled. I had seven people left in the cage. I had to go quicker if I wanted to save them all… and I had to save them all.

Up on the hill above me, Stumpel was hiding in a pipe. He told me later that he had tried to convince the people on Togar’s radio that he was Togar. He succeeded… They also said he boggled up the mission and the whole operation was compromised anyway. Then the guns fired.

I got another person out.

Stumpel dove out of his hiding spot and ran for better cover. The lasers hit the backs of his feet, rapid firing all the way down the hill. The ship moved with him. The noise was so loud it was practically blowing my ear off!

I had another one out.

I started to get the next person out when a spotlight blinded my sight momentarily. I look up to see an alien peeking out through a fairly large hole. I reached for my gun and he instantly put his head back in, and the giant metal claw fell out. I jumped back and the claw latched onto the cage. There was a clunk… the cage was rising. No…

With new strength I started pulling the guy out. It was the alien I presumed Naz had called Mr Snouty. I could see why. We were far off the ground when I had him out. “You’re going to have to jump.” He nodded nervously and so he did.

I looked up at the light streaming down at me from the hole, I looked down at the rapidly further away ground. I looked at the cage… I had four left. If I didn’t jump down now I wouldn’t make it myself. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I couldn’t look at them… “I’m so sorry.” I whispered to them. “I’m sorry…” I had to jump down. As I fell, I locked eyes with a terrified urchin, and it was the face of someone who’d lost their last hope. I made a silent promise…

And everything went black.


Jake calvinjedediah

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