Tales from the Vo Witch

Session One - Gav

Where do I even start, we’ve killed six people by the time I’m writing this and pissed off both the CSA and the Hutt gang in the area. It all started while we were taking food to the miners at Qandobar’s Folly. The CSA got suspicious of us and sent two interceptors to check us out, luckily for us we set up an ambush and took them out. We saw them off and went to Qandobar’s Folly, there, we dropped off our supplies and heard about a new job opportunity, a man named T’urroc Iallados. This guy had stolen some pretty important information from the Hutt concerning the CSA. We ran into some complications trying to get him to the ship that resulted in a bar fight, a stab wound and four dead gangsters. Iallados managed to survive two blaster shots but we had to take him, and me, to a hospital. That’s where I am now, lying in a hospital bed, getting injected with bacta… Naz just gave me a call, back to it!


Jake GideonB

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