Tales from the Vo Witch

Session - Something Something - Naz

As much as I remember...


Where was I?

Oh yeah… we were in a hospital trying to escape with PayDay. He was hurting something fierce. Wires and tubes were dragging behind him as we ran for the exits. there was gunfire (there’s always gunfire)).

We ended up at the Emergency Entrance. There was an ambulance. We borrowed one and shoved PayDay inside. I drove us through the streets of Fish Planet, but the authorities had too many ships flying the skies above us. We ended up on foot and made it to the docs we were told to meet he professor.

Instead, we met the Resistance. What a motley crew of fisheads that was. They tried to stiff us of our payday. If it weren’t for this one fishhead, there would have been one less resistance in the universe. Nevertheless, we got paid, and, as it turns out, we got a new crew member to boot. We also got rid of the dead weight… bye bye PayDay!

We still had to escape to our ship across town. We created decoys, robbed banks, and made it back to her in relatively one piece.

We still needed scrap, so we head out towards the asteroid belt. Along the way, some yahoos tried too fool us with a distress call.Some pirates are super smart… these fools weren’t those kinds of pirates, Gav took to tearing them a new entrance on the side of their ship. Oopsy! All the air and everything else came flying out.

We gathered what we could, The big score was a droid. A shiny new droid! I hope it works.

My boss called on the ship’s broken intercom. Why the knob had to get stuck on10… f@%@cking loud piece of crap. Reminds me of my ex.

It turns out there was an abandoned mine on a meteor that needed scrapping. We made our way there only to have a run in with an old friend. We got there first, but he wouldn’t give in… so we made a deal. We shared the loot, or his arms get torn off and shoved in his eye sockets and other orifices.

He took the deal.

We took our loot and headed hom.


We landed on the Junk Moon I flew in low to avoid detection And dropped off the gear we wanted… including the new droid. I have a nifty little hideout where I’ve been building my ship. I have to say, it’s looking pretty good.

I plugged in the droid. Charge light went on. This is going to be great!

Then, we went to unloa the scrap at the station.

Fun trip!


Jake ericbjohnson

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