Tales from the Vo Witch

Session 3/4
Slaver flavour

Home. Where machines go to die and people choke on their toxic fumes. I suppose its a home of sorts and its not all doom and gloom. Well, it was this time but its not always. Just usually.

Figured that I may get time to relax but no, the “Force” or whatever mystical asswipe is running this show decided to keep us busy. The local speederbike gang, led by Buttmunch and Jeff (names not accurate but they kinda are) decided to get in on the slaver credit action. Taking poor villagers and selling them off.

Plans are not our strong point and I should be grateful that we didnt just decide to go into the ganger cantina and just start shooting. Instead we decided that sabotaging their bikes outside (thanks to our sociopathic droid) was a great idea and then driving off with them in pursuit. Me and Gav had a little “chat” with the chump outside and found out that it was some of the higher ups that were taking off the slaves from their camp every so often.

Long story short, off we went to the slave pickup point in time for the next delivery. Jeff and Buttface were unfortunately shot in the head by some sharpshooter (awwww) and the slaves were taken by the arriving slaver ship.

Could have cut out losses at this point and left it there but you cant let gangs get away with this crap or it will happen again. Full of righteous zeal and a little gas, we headed out to the swoop gang camp the next day to find out that the power vacuum had led to every damn gang on the planet turning up to stage some kind of gang leader dance off. Hundreds of them.

In retrospect, admittedly a fairly limited retrospect as we later drove away from the slaver camp at high speed with multiple angry slavers in pursuit, it may have been a better idea to wait till the dance off was over. I mean, all we wanted was the info of where the slaves were being taken but no, we decided to utilise our extremely limited stealth and social skills to infiltrate the camp while it was full of drunk psychopaths. Imagine how badly that could go……now imagine it a bit worse but dial it back from us all dying. We got the accountants hard drives but we also alienated all the gangs on the planet. This may not have been our finest hour. Maybe our final hour.

Probably shouldnt be yelling into my datapad recording this while driving a slightly unstable speeder bike but it would suck if you found our history without knowing how spectacularly stupid our deaths were.

2nd Log of WUD

The slavers were not after us. That is why we were not destroyed. We freed a few of the people. Not all could be saved. A plan was made to get and free the rest. Well not a true plan, more of a action put in motion. We had caught a gang member. I put a collar on him and told him it was a proximity bomb set for the town. It was not a bomb but a an open com unit so I could hear what he was hearing.
It was decided to go find the gangers accountant. We set out to there base. When we got there we saw far more gangers than we expected. I made a good plan to have only to members infiltrate. They were unable to stick to the plan. One of them was badly hurt because he didn’t listen to my plan. The captain and I had to go get him. Now under fire we need to get back to the speeder truck and get away. I have doubts…

Session 3 - Gav

It was a fairly boring day, overseeing the droids that were unloading the ship. At least until I found out about the slavers. I met up with the crew right as they got finished with some sort of swoop chase with the ricotta-whatever gang. Apparently there was some drama with slaves being taken from a Jawa town, so naturally we decide to intercept the shipment instead of doing something smart like negotiating. We got into a fight that frankly we shouldn’t have won, and then the ship came.

Session 3...maybe 4...no 3.... meh - Naz
... 4.

It turns out the droid is an asshole.

It couldn’t recognize the beauty of my ship. Told me it would take years to get it to fly. If I had wanted a smart ass droid, I’d have made one myself… AND IT WOULD FLY IF I WANTED IT TO!

I need some herb.


That’s better.

Did I mention the new crew member smells? I think he’s a good negotiator, and will add value to the crew, but BOY HOWDY… he smells like the carcas of a sea serpent washed up on shore. I think it’s the dry air. I’m going to need to get a humidifier installed on the ship, or have my smeller removed.

Once we had the hideout all situated-like, we took off to go meet the family. My sister was not too happy I dropped in with a gaggle of freaks. I’m sure the smell did not help. I mean, we live on a junk planet, and I can still smell this guy.

No one else seems to care.

My sister mentioned Rapata’s gang was causing a lot of trouble lately, and people were disappearing. We’d seen the gang on our way over. I wanted to avoid another row with these guys (Rapata and I had history), but it looked like that wasn’t going to happen.

There were several swoops sitting out front of the local watering hole. Stumped took out the lookout, and i told Bolts to take out the brakes on the gangs’ speeders…. all except one. Fishhead and i got on, and I revved up the engine. I took out two thugs as we sped off.

A chase was on

We sped through the towering hills of junk. Several of the gang bit it right away, but one managed to negotiate the corners without brakes… so I headed for the largest acid pond nearby. I cranked the swoop’s speed up as far as it could go and headed straight for the pond… slammed on the brakes and swerved at the last possible moment.

We swerved. He didn’t.

The swoop made it quite a ways across the pond before it started to sink. Then, the screaming started.

What a beautiful sight.

When we got back to town Stumpel and Gav were already interrogating the lookout. It took us awhile, but we got what we needed. I took out my duct tape, and we taped the guy to a piece of junk.

“We’ll come back for you later…” i told him. Maybe.

We headed out to a place where some sort of exchange was happening between Rapata’s gang and a third party. We arrived before the gang and took a look around. There was a shelter with a beacon, but no prisoners. We decided to hide and wait.

It wasn’t long before we heard the roar of several swoops and speeders coming throug the canyons of junk. Sure enough, there was a speeder carrying a cage full of townsfolk. The gang was slaving!

I got real heated.

We waited until they got in close, and then BLAM! We took them all out. Glorious!

We had liberated some potential slaves, and laid waste to a good chunk of a gang I’d despised for years.

Then, I heard a beep, beep, beeping. I looked at the beacon. The red light was blinking.

They pushed the button.

Oh shit.

I looked up as a large ship roared into view.

Double shit.


Session - Something Something - Naz
As much as I remember...


Where was I?

Oh yeah… we were in a hospital trying to escape with PayDay. He was hurting something fierce. Wires and tubes were dragging behind him as we ran for the exits. there was gunfire (there’s always gunfire)).

We ended up at the Emergency Entrance. There was an ambulance. We borrowed one and shoved PayDay inside. I drove us through the streets of Fish Planet, but the authorities had too many ships flying the skies above us. We ended up on foot and made it to the docs we were told to meet he professor.

Instead, we met the Resistance. What a motley crew of fisheads that was. They tried to stiff us of our payday. If it weren’t for this one fishhead, there would have been one less resistance in the universe. Nevertheless, we got paid, and, as it turns out, we got a new crew member to boot. We also got rid of the dead weight… bye bye PayDay!

We still had to escape to our ship across town. We created decoys, robbed banks, and made it back to her in relatively one piece.

We still needed scrap, so we head out towards the asteroid belt. Along the way, some yahoos tried too fool us with a distress call.Some pirates are super smart… these fools weren’t those kinds of pirates, Gav took to tearing them a new entrance on the side of their ship. Oopsy! All the air and everything else came flying out.

We gathered what we could, The big score was a droid. A shiny new droid! I hope it works.

My boss called on the ship’s broken intercom. Why the knob had to get stuck on10… f@%@cking loud piece of crap. Reminds me of my ex.

It turns out there was an abandoned mine on a meteor that needed scrapping. We made our way there only to have a run in with an old friend. We got there first, but he wouldn’t give in… so we made a deal. We shared the loot, or his arms get torn off and shoved in his eye sockets and other orifices.

He took the deal.

We took our loot and headed hom.


We landed on the Junk Moon I flew in low to avoid detection And dropped off the gear we wanted… including the new droid. I have a nifty little hideout where I’ve been building my ship. I have to say, it’s looking pretty good.

I plugged in the droid. Charge light went on. This is going to be great!

Then, we went to unloa the scrap at the station.

Fun trip!

Session 3 - Bandar Vett
A lot of junk

We were on the junk moon. We had dropped off the salvage and left to go check out the new droid, which the smugglers rescued from the pirate ship. It had already powered up and Naz turned it on.

The droid sputtered into life instantly. “These surroundings are unfamiliar. You have stolen me. I will tell you now, there will be consequences.” Naz coughed. “Hello Mr. Droid, I uh-” “I appear to be in a dump. What is this place called?” Naz coughed again. “We rescued you from a pirate ship.” “Negative. I powered down in my masters base. I repeat, where am I.”

I asked “Who is your master?” “Not a Separatist.” “So you’re a Separatist bot.” “No. Most definitely not. The opposite in fact.” “Wasn’t the separatist group a branch of the Republic?” “Let’s go with that, yes.”

Naz interrupted, “Your master is dead.” “Negative-” “No… No! You’re master IS dead! Read my Captain’s Log you idiotic robot!” The robot took it and downloaded it. “Oh dear.” “Darn right.” grumbled Naz. The droid was still calculating, “This time is a negative. This- This whole log is a negative.” Naz turned around exasperated, “What do you mean it’s a negative?!” “No one would ever do these things. They are too extremely unintelligent. It is not feasible that someone could have this much stupidity.”

Naz took back the log and threw it as far as he could out the makeshift door of his little secret shelter, and I heard it clank against the side of an old pice of machinery a distance away. Naz turned back, the smoke from his pipe coming out in angry wisps.

Naz, fuming, pointed at the pile of junk. “All I need you to do, is fix that!” “Negative. You can not fix a pile of scrap.” “No, the ship!” I looked myself and I could say with absolute certainty that there actually was no ship there. The droid twisted his head, looking at it from different angles. “Negative. There is no ship.” I could see parts from a ship, but there was definitely no ship.

Naz walked to various pieces. “This is the haul, this is the cockpit…” I put my face into my hands. “Why is there half a droid in the area you call a, “Sh-ip,” asked the droid. “Every ship needs a power source right?” I looked up. Yeah, there were other piles of junk that looked more like a ship than this.

The droid surveyed the area. “With a great amount of effort, and years of planning, building, and all with another twenty robots like me also helping, this could eventually pass for a… an animal containment facility.” Naz gritted his teeth, “No. I want a ship. A space ship! That flies in space!” “I can do that, with time.” “Great!” “However, it is quite a bit of time. You will not be alive when the build is completed.”

Naz angrily sat down on a, (because there was no rocks,) perfectly normal hazardous machine part… We needed to clean up this place. Suddenly, Stumpel came into the little shelter. “Oh! So the droid works then.” Naz grumbled under his breath, “No.” The droid stepped in. “I am in almost perfect working condition. This human, however, is not.” “Have you seen his “Ship”?” I asked Stumpel. “The ship… you mean Nazs bundle of failings? Yeah, I know that ship.”

The droid jumped in again, “That is not a ship, sir.” The droid looked over Stumpel. “Are you the leader of this… group?” “Nope. He is.” Stumpel pointed over at Naz, who was admiring his “Ship.” “Thats wonderful…” The droid said, “I wish my programming allowed me to jump off a cliff.” Stumpel grinned, “Don’t we all.”

Naz stood up and walked over. “We’re wasting daylight. I need to check on my family.” “There’s more of him? That is a terrible prospect.” “Someone kill that droid please!” yelled Naz as he stumbled down the other side of a pile of mashed machinery and out of sight.

Some time passed.

We were walking along a ridge of dangerous looking parts when we saw some swoops coming towards us off in the distance. Naz yelled, “Hide!” So I dove into a fridge. Not unlike the one, in fact, that Naz claimed was his ship’s “haul”. I could see through a little hole in the box, and what I saw didn’t look good.

The droid hadn’t found a hiding spot yet, which was stupid, because he should have blended into the junk just fine, but he decided it would be better to pretend he was a radio tower. Seven swoops came around the corner, and our droid was instantly spotted.

There was some yelling and pointing, and the swoops, one by one, stopped. They were poorly built, almost as bad as our ship. Not Naz’s “ship”, our real ship, (which, by the way, apparently does not actually belong to the smugglers, it belongs to Anatta, who is supposedly unaware of Naz’s smuggler escapades.)

One guy took out binoculars, but the leader waved his hand and the swoops started back up again. Then they drove off in the direction we were headed in, and out of sight. I came out of the fridge to find another argument between Naz and the droid.

“Binoculars, droid! He pulled out binoculars! If he had seen Stumpel we would have all been dead!” Stumpel cut in. “You should really call him wood. That’s his real name.” “Wood” popped up “Actually my name is WD-89-” “Thankyoudroid! Come on! Let’s move!” yelled Naz he beckoned us to the precipice of the junk pile. “We’re here!” There was a pause, “Oh no…”

There were a dozen swoops already sitting in the valley. “The Ratapa… they weren’t just coming through…” Stumpel mumbled. Naz slid down the side of the rusty cliff and into the valley. I looked around. This town was as much a town as Naz’s ship is a ship! Ok, actually I take that back, Naz’s “ship” doesn’t even come close to scraping the surface of what one might call a vehicle in any form, so yeah.

Still! That does not change the fact that this place was just as much a dump as everything else I’ve seen on this god forsaken junkpile we call a moon, or, actually, how much lower I thought of Naz after his arguements with the droid. Honestly, I really thought he was better than that. What should I expect from a bunch of dirty smugglers. Stumpel’s actually the nice one. Compared to the others.

We walked through the Tuputa Colony, not getting too close to the parked swoops, and I realised the other guys were looking quite worried. That was quite uncharacteristic of them, but I guess they were worried about Naz’s siblings. I guess I would be worried too, if I knew what was going on.

I cleared my throat. “Who is this Rapata?” Stumpel looked over at me. “The Rapata gang hates me, probably would shoot me with a chance.” Naz scoffed, “You mean definitely. They most likely would shoot me too, but Stumpel’s caused them a great many problems in the past. They’ve caused us too many problems to count. My family better be OK.”

We went to Naz’s house. Naz’s sister opened the door, they hugged, they talked. His family was fine. I was disinterested in their conversation, so I went to talk with uh… wood. If that can be considered his name. I don’t like it.

He was fixing Naz’s family’s refrigerator though, so I decided to let him be.

I came back into the room. Naz was pacing, “So it’s true then, people are getting kidnapped?” I spouted out, surprised, “What?!” Naz looked up at me. He looked grim, didn’t speak, and he just walked past me and out of the room. I followed him.

Naz walked back into the Kitchen, where Wood was installing a defensive measure on their door. Naz sighed and took his pipe out of his mouth. “Guys, It’s time we caught ourselves a swoop gang.”

We got out of the shack, and Naz was discussing his plan. “Is this plan anything like the hospital plan?” Stumpel asked. Naz turned, already angry, “Hey! That plan worked didn’t it?” “Let’s put an asterisk over the word “worked”, shall we?” Stumpel grinned. Naz glared at him. Stumpel continued, “Where’s Gav? He should be done unloading the salvage by now.”

“That’s not important. What’s important is to talk about the plan!” Naz’s plan was to distract the guards out front of the tavern, where the gang members were, and Wood was to disable their brakes. Seemed like a halfway decent plan to me.

Wood… You know what? That’s just a dumb name. I’m not not going to call him that anymore. I’ll call him droid. The droid got in position, and Stumpel and Naz flanked this unfortunate guy, (who honestly didn’t deserve everything they did to him, so I apologise on the behalf of my companions,) and knocked him out, leaving the droid time to sabotage the brake systems on all the swoops.

“Hold on!” said Naz. “ Don’t cut the brakes on that last swoop! I have a better idea…”

So there I was, on the back of a swoop, shooting for my life, smoke puffing in my face, while Naz actively tried to get as close to crashing as possible. On purpose. “HOW’D YOU CONVINCE ME TO DO THIS!?!” I yelled over the loudness of the swoop. “The Swoops are crashing aren’t they? It’s working!” Naz yelled back, grinning like a wild loonatik.

I winced as Naz skimmed the side of a wall. Then a piece of machinery clipped my shoulder! It hurt. Several pieces started falling, creating a rock fall, and crushed several chasing swoops. I shot at the few that were left, but I couldn’t hit a single swoop for the life of me. I noticed they were both looking very confused. They started yelling at each other. They finally realised something was terribly wrong. A bit too late for that, huh?

See, since the gang didn’t have brakes, Naz’s idea was to go around tight corners hoping thy’d crash. Problem with that? Going around tight corners with brakes isn’t any more of a holiday. I grazed my other arm on a sharp blade even before the collapse.

Naz headed for a narrow chasm in between two piles. “We’re going to crash into the side of the wall!” I cried. Naz just gave me a grin and a thumbs up. Somehow we managed to not crash going in. We slid around a corner and Naz parked. “Get your gun ready.”

So, I readied my gun. So did Naz. We heard them getting closer. Closer, closer… Suddenly they veered around the corner, and we both took a shot. Naz’s shot slammed a guy into the side of the narrow passage, but mine hit a wall.

Naz turned to me. “You need to work on your shooting skills, kid.” I’m actually not classified as a kid anymore, but I didn’t feel like that was important.

Naz revved the engines and we took off, and this time, we were behind them. That meant Naz could shoot them as well as driving. And Naz actually can shoot. Our odds were improving.

We opened into a flat area, although it was rising up. We were surrounded by water, although it wasn’t water it was… it was acid. Toxic acid! There was a little outcropping over the lake of death, like a ramp.

The last two gang members went up the ramp- Plop! Into the lake. Blub blub blub.

On the way back, I was feeling some remorse, so I tried to talk to Naz about how these guys weren’t actual bad guys, they were just following orders. Naz just revved his engine louder and tuned me out. I don’t know why I thought these guys would be any better than the Collars.

I really don’t.

I believe killing people is wrong. Normally. If their trying to kill you, by all means, use self defence. If you know they’re going to either murder or harm someone who doesn’t deserve it, you should try and stop them, even if that means killing.

I find killing mindless underlings borderline on that. They don’t know what they’re doing, they’re just following orders.

The worst thing though, is when they’re just innocent citizens. Let’s say you have a prison break. Oh! That prison guard that’s just doing his job, who doesn’t have enough money to buy the cure for his fatally sick daughter? Dead. That really nice woman that loves everyone who just so happened to have a boring job typing prisoner files out? Caught in the crossfire. That innocent man that in a mix up, got put in prison and it took six years to sort it out? Seconds after finally being freed, you murdered him when you were heroically collapsing the front door down on his face.

Do I sound bitter? I think at this point, I have that right!! There’s so much evil in this universe, it’s just…I… I’m getting distracted. I haven’t even got to the part where the smugglers torture someone.

I sat there, watching as they torture some guy into giving us the information. He was the only one left that we hadn’t killed yet. So they’re slavers. That makes me feel slightly better. I go outside.

The sand I stand in is ground nuts and bolts. The mountains are made of junk. The water is acid. The air is… air actually, but some places it’s poisoned. I look up at our planet. It should be blue, judging that our planet is covered in water, but all I see is black. Black clouds. I’ve seen pictures of what our planet was like before but… it’ll never be the same again. Too much pollution.

If I squinted, I could see the spire. A glowing, white, pillar of hatred and evil. They built it in my lifetime actually. I didn’t realise how tall it was. The dictators live there. The ones that decide our fate.

Let them try and decide mine. “Bandar!” Stumpel called to me. It was time to go.

By the way! They duct taped that unfortunate man to a piece of machinery outside the colony so we could come back for him later. If they remembered. I was disgusted with them. Fortunately, I came out of it soon afterwards.

They fixed some more swoops and we went off to the gang’s base. We met some uncooperative jawas that eventually gave us some information about the slavers and we were off again. Gav, who was with us now, (he joined us when we got back from the speed chase,) saw a landing area up on a hill of rusty things and we decided to check it out.

Actually, there’s some important information you probably need to know about this. The guys found out that the leader of this whole operation is Togar, and he brings in slaves that the gang goes out and captures and brings them to a landing site. Then a ship comes down, picks them up, and sends them to who knows where.

I didn’t get a chance to ask if they thought this was the right landing site, because lo and behold, there were swoops on the horizon. I guess this was the right landing site. Go figure. Stumpel immediately pointed us where we should go for a good ambush.

I went to my spot and got my blaster ready. Probably wasn’t going to shoot anyone, but might as well try. The droid and Gav went in the opposite direction and went around the corner. What were they doing? I had no idea.

We waited for about another twenty minutes. Turns out the “horizon” is actually really really far away, especially when the swoops had to maneuver the maze of garbage. Finally the swoops started up the road up to the landing site. We were up higher on the hill, looking down on them.

Suddenly, the droid came back from around the corner and started moving junk around and then went back around the corner. All the gang members got off their swoops, and I could see now that there was a speeder with a cage behind them… with people in it! I wanted to go down and rescue them right then, but they’d shoot me before I put a foot out of my hiding spot.

They didn’t know I was there… yet. One of the guys down there turned the corner, evidently checking to see if he could figure out why there was a droid so far out here in the wasteland, and why it was so close to their secret operation.

There was a buzz and a cry, and then a head rolled out from behind the pile of junk. THat’s when all hell broke loose.

We were all shooting down at once, and they quickly realised where we were, then we got shot out too. I barely dodged a few lasers to the head. Once again, I couldn’t hit anything. Togar, the leader, was killed first. An old enemy of Stumpel’s, the notorious Jeff, also got killed. The speeder almost escaped, but Stumpel took it down, but managed to not kill the people inside as well.

One by one, we picked down the bad guys. Or at least, the others were. I still was completely useless as usual. Gav and the droid we’re down on the pad, doing what we were doing melee style, and Gav was using his new vibrosword to slice through people like cheese.

One guy managed to press a button on the control panel of a giant radio tower looking thing. Naz shot him down.

Suddenly, a blaster shot hit my shoulder! I had gotten hit before, but it didn’t change how much it hurt! I got hit again, and I started to see red. I wiped it away. I could handle it. I saw Gav was fighting three at once, and he was starting to break down. One burly man raised his weapon over Gavs head, so I took a deep breath, and I fired, hitting the guy full in the chest. I shot him again, and he fell over, dead.

Not my first kill, but my first that didn’t involve indirect traps and trickery. I’d never even hit anyone with a blaster before. Then Naz shot the last man.

And we stood, victorious, all injured but all alive, triumphant. And as we did, the sky arose with sounds of a landing ship, coming down to kill our hope…

And us.

Session 3 - WD-892

Am I starving or dying? Are they the same? I am at 1% power. There is nothing left to scavenge. The stars don’t give off enough light to power anything. Sensors fading. At some point an asteroid will crush this place. Better than being found by them…

“I bet it’s a Clanker spy!”
“Shut up, Kurhot! We wipe it and it works for us!”
“Boss, it’s havin’ a listen to us…”


100% power…
Where am I…?
Why did this human hit me?
And why am I in a junk yard?
The human wants me to fix his ship. Good. I have the skills and it will give me the time I need and a ship to escape.
He does not have a ship. He has a few piles of scrap. Not bad scrap. But still scrap.
I don’t think I will need to fear this human’s control.
By the Maker, he is a captain. Others follow him. This is doom.
Well, this has some hope. I should be getting an equal share of profits.
The Captain and another crewmate are in a high speed chase with a local ganger group.
With my help all of the gangers’ swoops have low-function brakes. Not sure what their plan would have been if I wasn’t here.
The gang seems to be a middle-man in a slaver operation. The crew wants to stop them. Good. With time they may all be of use to me and my plans.

We have set an ambush for the gang.
The ambush went well.
I, however, fell down a junk slope and scuffed my primary right arm and scratched my left leg. Estimated time of repair: ten minutes. Oh, and the crew mate — named Gav — was beaten bloody.
Update: The slavers are landing. We are spread out and wounded.
The odds are not in our favor…

Session 2 - Stumpel
Back to normality with a few bangs

Meant to keep this thing up to date but you know…life…alcohol…people trying to shoot me. I had grand visions last time after rescuing the wheelchair guy that we might be working with the resistance, fighting for ideals and making serious cash. Turns out the resistance was a bunch of ragtag nobodies, who tried to stiff us on our payment. Admittedly they are less amateur than we are but still, there is a reason they are a resistance and not in power.

They even offloaded one of their rejects on us, who admittedly endeared himself to us by getting us a good deal. Seems like a nice…fish…kid, a touch green about the gills maybe (har har!) but he brings something to our motley crew that we were missing (the ability to talk for more than 5 seconds before resolving an issue with a blaster).

Its not so bad living our life I suppose. On the way back home, we followed a bogus distress call but didnt fall for it. Turns out a trap dont work so well when your ship gets a claw sized hole in its side. Now I suppose that in itself should make for a tale of high fantasy but its part of our daily existence. Collectively we are sort of like a wounded rancor that has been shot full of stimulant, lumbering from one fight to another, ripping heads off and shitting in inappropriate places. It works for now but its hard not to long for more, ideally before the rancor trips over its own feet and impales itself on a spike. I have a whole load of bad karma to balance out and blasting pirate assholes into space only counts as a minor positive.

The boss was pissed we were late but I dont think Naz really cares too much. Pacified the boss by heading off to some salvage co-ordinates just in time to run into some other lowlifes like ourselves. Cue some metaphorical dick waving and the salvage was split. Got some interesting stuff. Weird looking droid that had Naz all excited in case it was a real mechanic. As long as it does more than smack things with a wrench, it will be better than Naz. We might even get a functional ship eventually.

Time to go home. The smell of unholy chemical reactions, rust so rusty that its rusted, the sound of jawas gibbering and scumbags scheming. Yay?

Session 2 - Bandar
The First of Many

A ways back, I trusted someone I shouldn’t have, and I went against my own best judgement. Now, with every step I take, I am paying for that mistake. No one trusts me anymore. I have done the unforgivable. I’ve finally decided that I don’t care anymore. I did what I did because the Red Collars, our minnie rebellion, are becoming as bad as the corporation that dictates us.

The only thing holding me here is my sister. She cares for me, but she still sees what I did as an act of treason. She looks at me sometimes, as if she pities me for not being mentally sound. I don’t like it. No one really wants me here.

That’s why I’ve decided to leave for good. Keemi wouldn’t understand, so I didn’t tell her. She would probably see that as another act of treason and lock me in my room. Please! They want me gone. They didn’t hesitate to put me on a suicidal mission as soon as they had the chance.

Apparently some smugglers had kidnapped a guy with a wheelchair for us, caused a commotion, and led them right to our sector. Spotlights were dangerously close to the Red Collars base. We were very close to our whole operation getting compromised, an operation years and years in the making..

Like most smugglers, they didn’t come close to understanding the gravity of the situation. I was going to accompany them to another sector and have them hopefully caused enough of a ruckus that they would move away from our sector. So I said a last goodbye to Keemi.

I hugged her goodbye, which surprised her, because we hadn’t hugged since we were kids. She told me she was worried the Collars were trying to find a way to kill me, and this was their way of doing it. Of course it was, I knew that. They’ve never put me on a mission like this before.

“You know why I did what I did!” I said. Keemi stared into my eyes “Would you trust you if you were in their position?” The elevator doors opened and I stepped in. I looked back at Keemi, “Of course I wouldn’t,” and the doors closed.

Raak was in the elevator with me. He’s my boss, and the last time I saw him he… wasn’t too happy with me. Thankfully he didn’t seem to feel the need to talk to me anymore… ever. When we got to the top, I saw the people I’d be with for the future. My future didn’t look too good.

The smugglers looked sort of dark and twisted. Like they had ulterior motives within their ulterior motives. There were two humans and a Klatooinian, whatever that is. ( I only knew because someone told me) One of the humans was clutching a broken pipe tightly, the other one had some sort of healing apparatus on, and the Klatooinian just looked plain dangerous. We began the mission brief.

I stopped paying attention after about ten seconds of Raak’s talking, because I had already had heard this, oh about twenty times, but I tuned in just as he mentioned my name. I was to escort them, blah blah blah…

Apparently they were angry they weren’t getting paid for their hospital breakout, because of all the problems they caused. I listened for a while, and I finally understood their reasoning. Raak decided to give them payment like promised. One catch.

Their new payment was 500 credits! After listening to all they’d gone through, they only got 500 credits!? They started to get angry. Broken Pipe Man looked ready to blow, but enough was enough, I decided to step in. “Didn’t you offer the last group 5000 credits?” I asked nonchalantly.

There was silence. Raak looked like he wanted to catch me on fire, but he relented. He started loudly complaining about how certain smugglers think they’re the greatest, and he said if they really wanted the dumb money, he’d give them a whole 10,000 credits and be done with it. Then he sent the injured guy to the infirmary, including Mr. Broken Pipe. He then gave me one last dirty look before stomping out of the room.

Someone assured the Klatoo-whatever-ian that they would be OK, and how great our nurses are. I should know, Keemi’s one of them. When they got back, I realised the injured guy looked a lot tougher without the machinery in his chest, and Broken Pipe looked like he had gotten a new pipe.

I finally introduced myself to them, but they seemed to be in a hurry, rightly so. They collectively decided they would go to the university sector to distract the authorities. It was near enough that they we could get there fast, but far enough they would stop looking in our sector. We left the secret base and went out into the city.

When we got to the sector we found a bar they thought would be good to find someone to cause a distraction. I recommended this one guy I had seen around,all grizzled and tough, but the smugglers chose a group of college kids. Kinda made more sense, because they were drunk and probably would do anything for money. I guess I was just rattled from speaking to Raak like that. I had to remember that that was in the past.

They told the kids to run around the streets in doctors clothes with a guy in a wheelchair. They got paid and left to cause some ruckus. I turned to the smugglers. “I don’t think that’s going to work. Once they catch them and see they’re fakes, it will actually strengthen their searching of our sector. They’ll know we’re trying to redirect their attention on purpose!”

The smugglers didn’t look happy, but this was my job. They discussed alternatives and so on, until they came to another solution.

So we then found the nearest bank and the smugglers pointedly walked in and out of the security cameras outside, trying to look suspicious. I still didn’t think it was going to work, but who cared about the stupid base anyway.

We called the police, and the tough human, Gav, used some sort of connection to the police to convince them to go to the bank. He says he has no connection to the espos when I ask but he literally went right back to talking with the group about how he could use his connection with the espos, right after. I don’t even know why he bothered. Man, I hate espos, but Gav seems different. A lot different.

Anyway, we got to their ship and left and my, oh my, what a ship! The thing actually looked like they plucked it off the moon, and our moon is our planet’s junkyard. It had arms sticking out of places that didn’t make sense to have arms on a ship, and it looked like a mutant spider scorpion combination made entirely out of rust and dirt.

We made a lift off and we headed for the meteorite mines.

Naz, with his new pipe, was the captain. He piloted the ship, and the cockpit was completely filled with smoke at all times. You’d need a gas mask to be in there! The crew didn’t seem to mind. Much.

Stumpel was the last member I haven’t mentioned the name of yet. Hes the Klatwantoon or whatever, and he looked like one of those aliens that are slaves to the hutts. Maybe he is the same species. He was the toughest member, and he had the big guns.

Halfway through our journey a intercom crackled out a message, they needed help with a engine failure, and their ship was running out of oxygen! The group’s think tank started working again, “We need to help them!” “Why should we?” “What if we’re in a situation like that one day?” “How do we know it’s real?”

Naz turned the volume up to hear the person better. That’s when the volume thing broke off. Oh dear. Naz ignored it. “They’re lying.” he said. Stumpel asked ”How do we know that?” “They have air coming out of their ventilation duct, that means they’re letting air out… Get to your stations everyone, we’ve got some pirates on our hands!!”

Gav was at the main arm. He took control of it and moved it towards the ship that was “crying” for help. He then promptly ripped open the whole back of their cargo bay with the big metal claw. People were flying out into space! Then Stumpel blasted the open area of the ship with the big gun, reducing the ship to shreds. Everything was gone.

Gav instantly grabbed this one guy with an electric sword with the arm, the others getting on the arms, and getting to work, keeping on catching everything they felt they could use before it flew out into the void. I noticed those objects included gas masks for the cockpit, go figure.

Naz was like “Good work team. Show those pirates!” and scampered off, leaving a snake of smoke in his wake. Gav stretched and went back to his room, Stumpel walked off to the “Living Quarters”, and I was incredulous. OK then…

We got to the meteorite mines. Sort of. Turns out we weren’t going to the mines, we were going to Quandobars Folly. We dropped off, made a few quick errands. Stumpel needed a gun, so I got him a bargain. Easy. People are really easy to manipulate. The brain is supposed to be super complex, but it can be predicted, and analyzed. I’ve been doing it since my childhood. That’s why they let me join Collars…. and kind of why they kicked me out. We got back on the ship.

The intercom crackled again, this time it was an angry call from the smugglers real boss. “HEY NAZ!” We all jumped and hit the ceiling. “WHERE ARE YOU!?! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO GET HERE DAYS AGO! I SAW YOU HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN TO THE SPOT! GET THERE NOW!!!” My ears were digging into my brain. It didn’t help that he was also yelling. Yay. Another psycho boss. Gav scrambled to put tape over the speaker.

“We’re almost there Anatta, we got attacked by pirates. Sort of.” strained Naz. He was holding his ears. “Well, hurry up! I here there’s some other people looking at the salvage site now. SO GET THERE!” crackle crackle

So, we finally got to the salvage place. It was an asteroid with a science base on it. Gav flagged the area using some machine so any others would know we got here first. Of course, that’s not the way it works in these parts. Crackle Crackle “Hey Naz!”

So there’s this tradition among salvagers, that it doesn’t matter who got there first, whose job it is, or who starts loading the bags, if you want that site, it should be yours, not theirs. This guy was one of those tradition types.

This guy, another salvager, explained if we wanted the site, he would fight us for it. Suddenly we saw his ship zoom past us down to the landing pad. He was going to get there first. Naz responded by making the executive decision to go STRAIGHT DOWN.

We hit the landing pad at top speed at the same time as the other ship. Thankfully, the other ship was the one that broke, not ours. Still, they technically landed first. crackle crackle “We landed first, it’s ours.” Naz shouted into the intercom “That’s not how it works!” But the guy was off the mike. Soon we saw men getting out of the other ship.

We had to move. “You know the drill!” I didn’t, but I rolled with it. “You don’t have a gun do you?” asked Gav. I said no. “Grab one from under my bed.” I went and grabbed one. It was a corporation standard. No connection with the Espos huh? When I come back the others have already left. I stay in the cockpit.

The other crew has more men than ours, but Stumpel and Gav are pretty intimidating. Then I see the captain of the ship exiting, following my crew.

I can still hear what’s happening through my com, not the broken ship’s one but the com that we each have on our person. They’re yelling at each other about the flag, apparently the other crew were filling bags of stuff, and the other captain comes in and yells at Naz about last time and so on.

Eventually it seemed they’d reached a conclusion. We would get a third of the stuff, but we’d get first pick. Everyone seemed pretty happy about that option, especially because no one wanted to fight Stumpel. Before everyone broke off, Stumpel cut in. “Also, we’re gonna take a look at the stuff in the bags. Ha! I wished I could see their faces. They had obviously planned this and had put the valuables in the bags first, hoping we wouldn’t notice. Well we did. So there. When the others got back, I gave Gav back his gun.

We made more stops, we had to pick up gas so Naz’s boss wouldn’t know we went down to the planet and back. Apparently they never were supposed to go anywhere but the salvage sight. I negotiated for them with that guy too. It reminded me of my younger days. But those days were over…

See, I didn’t like what the collars were doing, and I’d seen some horrible things they do to people who don’t side with them. So when a Collar woman told me she wanted to see if she could make them a better organisation, so the could do things more efficiently and morally, I complied. I let a mouse droid, specially designed, into the main room, so it could hack the files and see what the Collars were doing behind our backs, the members of the society!

It turned out she wasn’t who she said she was. She was an ambitious young Espo, and I had fallen for her hook, line, and sinker. After they found her out, they punished me and they- They bombed her. They bombed her. With bombs! It only reinforced my hatred of the organisation! Innocents were killed, builings were destroyed, stores were crushed, people were crushed! Just like always.

Nevertheless, it was her, Acantha Saar, that still survived, and she blames me for her scars. She blames me. I know because she tried to ambush me a while ago, but that’s a different story. Anyway, I was the one who told Keemi about her, but she used me! She used me, and ruined my life in the process. She wants to hunt me down? If she comes, I’ll just kill her myself.

I thought about that in a corner all the way back to the junk moon. And I cried.

We got to the crew’s secret hideout thing, and we unloaded everything we had, besides the salvage stuff we had for Anaata. It seemed like we weren’t supposed to take anything for us from the salvage sight, or anything for that matter, from anywhere. Anatta was supposed to have all of that.

Down came the guns, the extra machinery, the loot, the gas masks, and all the while I wondered to myself what I was really doing. Why was I here? I was a smuggler now. Or at least, until the collars called me back up. I had a feeling that wasn’t going to happen.

We were about to get back on the ship, which was pretty sparse at this point, when stumpel turned back towards me. He seemed to finally process the fact that I was still here. “Wait, are you staying on the crew?”

He walked over to Naz and they started talking quietly. “Of course he is! He alway has been!” Naz walked over, still smoking his pipe, kind of smiling actually. I don’t think I’ve seen him smile yet. “I saw his negotiation skills back there. He could get us a real deal one day. Like you did today actually! 10,000 credits… Anyway, you’re one of us now.”

He turned and sauntered back into the ship. Stumpel followed. Gav was already on board. I took a look at the ship. That was my home now. This stupid, ugly, horrid piece of junk was my home now.

I smiled at the thought.

Session One - Gav

Where do I even start, we’ve killed six people by the time I’m writing this and pissed off both the CSA and the Hutt gang in the area. It all started while we were taking food to the miners at Qandobar’s Folly. The CSA got suspicious of us and sent two interceptors to check us out, luckily for us we set up an ambush and took them out. We saw them off and went to Qandobar’s Folly, there, we dropped off our supplies and heard about a new job opportunity, a man named T’urroc Iallados. This guy had stolen some pretty important information from the Hutt concerning the CSA. We ran into some complications trying to get him to the ship that resulted in a bar fight, a stab wound and four dead gangsters. Iallados managed to survive two blaster shots but we had to take him, and me, to a hospital. That’s where I am now, lying in a hospital bed, getting injected with bacta… Naz just gave me a call, back to it!


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