Tales from the Vo Witch

Log 1 of Kisara'Fenno

Dearest Talik’Fenno,
I hope this letter finds you well, little sister. Please let the family know that I am safe and that I hope to write more frequently now that I am no longer detained by fanatics… no need to share the latter tidbit with them. Between you and me, you’d think that those moronic followers wouldn’t have been able to track me down, but I got sloppy. They even took all my hard-earned money I made from selling the masks I liberated from them!
I don’t remember much after that, but I was fortunate enough to come to my senses long enough to take advantage of some well-meaning smugglers who wanted to play the hero. Worked out for me—they freed me from the cultists and pitied me enough to give me a room to recover in. And, Talik, I’ll spare you the details of how sick I was.
As I recovered, I planned to snoop around the ship, gather some valuables, and duck out at the next stop. We arrived at this ritzy port called ‘The Wheel" because one of the crew had a lead to a new job. Turned out the lead was Twi’lek, but he wouldn’t engage with me using his lekku. Preferred speaking instead. Weird, right!? Probably embarrassed a member of a low-ranking family graced his presence…rich bastard. I was therefore a little off my negotiating game and the gig we arranged was to send this crew on a death mission to find some long-lost ship. Not my best work. This seemed like a shady deal with no certainty of treasure, so I decided it was time to leave.
Before collecting my things, I played some sabbec with those special dice you gave me and made some quick cash (thank you!). As I was about to duck out, I saw the four crew members rushing to catch some rodians who had stolen the droid that was gifted to them. It was the perfect chance to search the ship. Before they were out of sight, I made a show of reporting the rodians to law enforcement. As I entered the ship, I realized that I was wrong. It wasn’t that they had given me the worst room in the ship… the WHOLE ship was falling apart! As I searched the rooms, I found myself looking less for valuables and more in astonishment that this rusting bucket of barnacles ever made it off the ground. I guess that’s kudos to their mechanic droid, WD.
I kept feeling like I was being watched, so I started to make my way off the ship, and ran into the the ragtag crew. All four looked only slightly scuffed up, but they had retrieved the droid and negotiated their way out of “The Wheel” without paying.
Intriguing, right? Maybe I sold them short, the stoic klatoonian, Stumpel, and the human ex-cop, Gav, certainly look threatening… maybe they are actually better fighters than I thought. And I didn’t believe it until I saw the security footage their human pilot, Naz, brought out to replay a dozen times.
Talik. You won’t believe me, but this guy can fly. I won’t even try to explain how he managed to fly THROUGH a ship without killing himself. It was impressive.
So, you can imagine then that I did some quick recalculations. The big job, Talik. The one I told you about. This crew might be able to pull it off…
I will keep you updated when I can. As long as I am not murdered in my sleep by their insane pet droid! The circuit-crossed little green terror shows up when I least expect and will either charge or stare while making creepy whirring sounds. WD told me I should treat M8 nicer and he will like me, but I still carry my blaster with me everywhere now.
Wish me well (and the locks on my door sturdy),
Love, Kisara

Log 6 of WUD

We freed the person being held by the people we were transporting. Again there was no planning. The rest of the kidnappers group was waiting for the person. There was gun fire. We can’t go back to that town.
The kidnapped person was drugged for an extended time. I understand this is bad for bios. At the end of this week I’ll be done with several repairs. She should be ready to give us some answers then as to what was going on. Maybe we can sign her on. If she hates slavers also the plan might be moved forward sooner…

Log 5 of WUD

Log 4 was corrupted and lost.

As the ship improves so dose our luck. We have a piece of trans lane data that could make us very wealthy. It has more of a chance to kill all of us though. If I can get my workshop together then I think we just might make it.

Session 3.5
A Promise to Keep

Actually, I got a little ahead of myself there.

The ship didn’t land just yet. I had time to save some prisoners from the cage thing on the back of the speeder. I could only get them out one at a time because of the small door.

Gav asked the droid to heal him. “I am not specialised in organic matter, but I can always use practice.” Gav stepped back, “On second thought…” “Don’t worry, you’re 96% expendable!”

I have to hand it to the droid, he’s probably better than me at healing. As I unloaded people, I thought of Keemi, she was a nurse. The droid remarked to Naz “I have organically welded Gav together again.” Naz looked confused. “Did it work?” “He’s not dead, I count that as a success!” Droid seems to be in a better mood. I’m not though.

I only saved 14 people before the ship put up it’s spotlights, and they instantly fixed themselves on several escaped prisoners. High powered laser cannons lined the bottom of the dropship, and they aimed downwards at the people on the hill, thankfully not at the speeder. “Dam,” I grumbled. I had seven people left in the cage. I had to go quicker if I wanted to save them all… and I had to save them all.

Up on the hill above me, Stumpel was hiding in a pipe. He told me later that he had tried to convince the people on Togar’s radio that he was Togar. He succeeded… They also said he boggled up the mission and the whole operation was compromised anyway. Then the guns fired.

I got another person out.

Stumpel dove out of his hiding spot and ran for better cover. The lasers hit the backs of his feet, rapid firing all the way down the hill. The ship moved with him. The noise was so loud it was practically blowing my ear off!

I had another one out.

I started to get the next person out when a spotlight blinded my sight momentarily. I look up to see an alien peeking out through a fairly large hole. I reached for my gun and he instantly put his head back in, and the giant metal claw fell out. I jumped back and the claw latched onto the cage. There was a clunk… the cage was rising. No…

With new strength I started pulling the guy out. It was the alien I presumed Naz had called Mr Snouty. I could see why. We were far off the ground when I had him out. “You’re going to have to jump.” He nodded nervously and so he did.

I looked up at the light streaming down at me from the hole, I looked down at the rapidly further away ground. I looked at the cage… I had four left. If I didn’t jump down now I wouldn’t make it myself. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I couldn’t look at them… “I’m so sorry.” I whispered to them. “I’m sorry…” I had to jump down. As I fell, I locked eyes with a terrified urchin, and it was the face of someone who’d lost their last hope. I made a silent promise…

And everything went black.

3rd log of WUD

The group has been split. Good. We were sent on a mission to the water world. We were aloud to keep anything found along the way. The good news we found a ship we can keep. The bad news it is been under water far to long. It will take a great deal of time and materials to repair. We were able to get it back to the junk world. We traded for a much needed part from some jawas. They have a massive connected droid…wall? All of them together are able to reason out incredible things. I must recruit them or tell the others to bring them in…

Session 3/4
Slaver flavour

Home. Where machines go to die and people choke on their toxic fumes. I suppose its a home of sorts and its not all doom and gloom. Well, it was this time but its not always. Just usually.

Figured that I may get time to relax but no, the “Force” or whatever mystical asswipe is running this show decided to keep us busy. The local speederbike gang, led by Buttmunch and Jeff (names not accurate but they kinda are) decided to get in on the slaver credit action. Taking poor villagers and selling them off.

Plans are not our strong point and I should be grateful that we didnt just decide to go into the ganger cantina and just start shooting. Instead we decided that sabotaging their bikes outside (thanks to our sociopathic droid) was a great idea and then driving off with them in pursuit. Me and Gav had a little “chat” with the chump outside and found out that it was some of the higher ups that were taking off the slaves from their camp every so often.

Long story short, off we went to the slave pickup point in time for the next delivery. Jeff and Buttface were unfortunately shot in the head by some sharpshooter (awwww) and the slaves were taken by the arriving slaver ship.

Could have cut out losses at this point and left it there but you cant let gangs get away with this crap or it will happen again. Full of righteous zeal and a little gas, we headed out to the swoop gang camp the next day to find out that the power vacuum had led to every damn gang on the planet turning up to stage some kind of gang leader dance off. Hundreds of them.

In retrospect, admittedly a fairly limited retrospect as we later drove away from the slaver camp at high speed with multiple angry slavers in pursuit, it may have been a better idea to wait till the dance off was over. I mean, all we wanted was the info of where the slaves were being taken but no, we decided to utilise our extremely limited stealth and social skills to infiltrate the camp while it was full of drunk psychopaths. Imagine how badly that could go……now imagine it a bit worse but dial it back from us all dying. We got the accountants hard drives but we also alienated all the gangs on the planet. This may not have been our finest hour. Maybe our final hour.

Probably shouldnt be yelling into my datapad recording this while driving a slightly unstable speeder bike but it would suck if you found our history without knowing how spectacularly stupid our deaths were.

2nd Log of WUD

The slavers were not after us. That is why we were not destroyed. We freed a few of the people. Not all could be saved. A plan was made to get and free the rest. Well not a true plan, more of a action put in motion. We had caught a gang member. I put a collar on him and told him it was a proximity bomb set for the town. It was not a bomb but a an open com unit so I could hear what he was hearing.
It was decided to go find the gangers accountant. We set out to there base. When we got there we saw far more gangers than we expected. I made a good plan to have only to members infiltrate. They were unable to stick to the plan. One of them was badly hurt because he didn’t listen to my plan. The captain and I had to go get him. Now under fire we need to get back to the speeder truck and get away. I have doubts…

Session 3 - Gav

It was a fairly boring day, overseeing the droids that were unloading the ship. At least until I found out about the slavers. I met up with the crew right as they got finished with some sort of swoop chase with the ricotta-whatever gang. Apparently there was some drama with slaves being taken from a Jawa town, so naturally we decide to intercept the shipment instead of doing something smart like negotiating. We got into a fight that frankly we shouldn’t have won, and then the ship came.

Session 3...maybe 4...no 3.... meh - Naz
... 4.

It turns out the droid is an asshole.

It couldn’t recognize the beauty of my ship. Told me it would take years to get it to fly. If I had wanted a smart ass droid, I’d have made one myself… AND IT WOULD FLY IF I WANTED IT TO!

I need some herb.


That’s better.

Did I mention the new crew member smells? I think he’s a good negotiator, and will add value to the crew, but BOY HOWDY… he smells like the carcas of a sea serpent washed up on shore. I think it’s the dry air. I’m going to need to get a humidifier installed on the ship, or have my smeller removed.

Once we had the hideout all situated-like, we took off to go meet the family. My sister was not too happy I dropped in with a gaggle of freaks. I’m sure the smell did not help. I mean, we live on a junk planet, and I can still smell this guy.

No one else seems to care.

My sister mentioned Rapata’s gang was causing a lot of trouble lately, and people were disappearing. We’d seen the gang on our way over. I wanted to avoid another row with these guys (Rapata and I had history), but it looked like that wasn’t going to happen.

There were several swoops sitting out front of the local watering hole. Stumped took out the lookout, and i told Bolts to take out the brakes on the gangs’ speeders…. all except one. Fishhead and i got on, and I revved up the engine. I took out two thugs as we sped off.

A chase was on

We sped through the towering hills of junk. Several of the gang bit it right away, but one managed to negotiate the corners without brakes… so I headed for the largest acid pond nearby. I cranked the swoop’s speed up as far as it could go and headed straight for the pond… slammed on the brakes and swerved at the last possible moment.

We swerved. He didn’t.

The swoop made it quite a ways across the pond before it started to sink. Then, the screaming started.

What a beautiful sight.

When we got back to town Stumpel and Gav were already interrogating the lookout. It took us awhile, but we got what we needed. I took out my duct tape, and we taped the guy to a piece of junk.

“We’ll come back for you later…” i told him. Maybe.

We headed out to a place where some sort of exchange was happening between Rapata’s gang and a third party. We arrived before the gang and took a look around. There was a shelter with a beacon, but no prisoners. We decided to hide and wait.

It wasn’t long before we heard the roar of several swoops and speeders coming throug the canyons of junk. Sure enough, there was a speeder carrying a cage full of townsfolk. The gang was slaving!

I got real heated.

We waited until they got in close, and then BLAM! We took them all out. Glorious!

We had liberated some potential slaves, and laid waste to a good chunk of a gang I’d despised for years.

Then, I heard a beep, beep, beeping. I looked at the beacon. The red light was blinking.

They pushed the button.

Oh shit.

I looked up as a large ship roared into view.

Double shit.


Session - Something Something - Naz
As much as I remember...


Where was I?

Oh yeah… we were in a hospital trying to escape with PayDay. He was hurting something fierce. Wires and tubes were dragging behind him as we ran for the exits. there was gunfire (there’s always gunfire)).

We ended up at the Emergency Entrance. There was an ambulance. We borrowed one and shoved PayDay inside. I drove us through the streets of Fish Planet, but the authorities had too many ships flying the skies above us. We ended up on foot and made it to the docs we were told to meet he professor.

Instead, we met the Resistance. What a motley crew of fisheads that was. They tried to stiff us of our payday. If it weren’t for this one fishhead, there would have been one less resistance in the universe. Nevertheless, we got paid, and, as it turns out, we got a new crew member to boot. We also got rid of the dead weight… bye bye PayDay!

We still had to escape to our ship across town. We created decoys, robbed banks, and made it back to her in relatively one piece.

We still needed scrap, so we head out towards the asteroid belt. Along the way, some yahoos tried too fool us with a distress call.Some pirates are super smart… these fools weren’t those kinds of pirates, Gav took to tearing them a new entrance on the side of their ship. Oopsy! All the air and everything else came flying out.

We gathered what we could, The big score was a droid. A shiny new droid! I hope it works.

My boss called on the ship’s broken intercom. Why the knob had to get stuck on10… f@%@cking loud piece of crap. Reminds me of my ex.

It turns out there was an abandoned mine on a meteor that needed scrapping. We made our way there only to have a run in with an old friend. We got there first, but he wouldn’t give in… so we made a deal. We shared the loot, or his arms get torn off and shoved in his eye sockets and other orifices.

He took the deal.

We took our loot and headed hom.


We landed on the Junk Moon I flew in low to avoid detection And dropped off the gear we wanted… including the new droid. I have a nifty little hideout where I’ve been building my ship. I have to say, it’s looking pretty good.

I plugged in the droid. Charge light went on. This is going to be great!

Then, we went to unloa the scrap at the station.

Fun trip!


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