Tales from the Vo Witch

Session 3/4

Slaver flavour

Home. Where machines go to die and people choke on their toxic fumes. I suppose its a home of sorts and its not all doom and gloom. Well, it was this time but its not always. Just usually.

Figured that I may get time to relax but no, the “Force” or whatever mystical asswipe is running this show decided to keep us busy. The local speederbike gang, led by Buttmunch and Jeff (names not accurate but they kinda are) decided to get in on the slaver credit action. Taking poor villagers and selling them off.

Plans are not our strong point and I should be grateful that we didnt just decide to go into the ganger cantina and just start shooting. Instead we decided that sabotaging their bikes outside (thanks to our sociopathic droid) was a great idea and then driving off with them in pursuit. Me and Gav had a little “chat” with the chump outside and found out that it was some of the higher ups that were taking off the slaves from their camp every so often.

Long story short, off we went to the slave pickup point in time for the next delivery. Jeff and Buttface were unfortunately shot in the head by some sharpshooter (awwww) and the slaves were taken by the arriving slaver ship.

Could have cut out losses at this point and left it there but you cant let gangs get away with this crap or it will happen again. Full of righteous zeal and a little gas, we headed out to the swoop gang camp the next day to find out that the power vacuum had led to every damn gang on the planet turning up to stage some kind of gang leader dance off. Hundreds of them.

In retrospect, admittedly a fairly limited retrospect as we later drove away from the slaver camp at high speed with multiple angry slavers in pursuit, it may have been a better idea to wait till the dance off was over. I mean, all we wanted was the info of where the slaves were being taken but no, we decided to utilise our extremely limited stealth and social skills to infiltrate the camp while it was full of drunk psychopaths. Imagine how badly that could go……now imagine it a bit worse but dial it back from us all dying. We got the accountants hard drives but we also alienated all the gangs on the planet. This may not have been our finest hour. Maybe our final hour.

Probably shouldnt be yelling into my datapad recording this while driving a slightly unstable speeder bike but it would suck if you found our history without knowing how spectacularly stupid our deaths were.


Jake grahcx

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