Tales from the Vo Witch

Session One - Stumpel

From survival to chaos

Survival is overrated. Chaos is kinda fun. Maybe this doesnt apply to your life but to mine, it may well be my new mantra. Whoever you are, I am not sure how you ended up with this diary but if you stole it, I will probably eventually kill you and if I am dead already and you found this somewhere, maybe you will learn a few lessons of how not to live your life.

So who am I? Nobody special. Just another down on their luck Klatooinian merc who let the exuberance of youth lead him down a dark, stupid path to serving a Hutt. Killed some people, did some bad things, learned lifes lessons the hard way and eventually earned my freedom. Here is free lesson number 1 for you. If you kill people that dont deserve death, you will pay the price for it. Maybe not in a literal sense but their faces will haunt your dreams and honestly, if they dont, then you have no soul.

Dont get me wrong, I havent seen the light. I dont go out of my way to help every victim that the world puts in my path. I am still self centred, even those who offer charity still do it for their own ego mostly, rather than any altruistic reasons. I will however no longer screw over people down on their luck just because someone is throwing me money to do it.

I have no idea if karma is a thing or not but I feel that maybe it is. The light side has the dark side for balance. Assholes need to be countered by the good guys now and again. Am I a good guy if I screw the corps for my own personal gain? Well, maybe the light side aint shining out of my ass but its got to count for something right? A few days back, I saved a guys life. He may have been offering money but the money was irrelevant. See, he was being chased by my former boss (Sluggo the Hutt, not his name but in this story it is) and he was so far out of his depth that he was about to drown in a sea of corruption and blaster fire.

Yeah I know, at this point, you are thinking that you are missing huge parts of the story. Its one of those shitty movies where the narrative flashes back and forward in the timeline. Tough shit, writing this for myself more than you anyway. Its all about the EGO baby.

Oh alright, short version. Bad merc turns good…ish, meets a few guys who aint so bad and works with them to survive, making shitty money doing shitty jobs. For this story, the guy running our little operation is Naz. Craps out ideas in a heartbeat, not always good ones but he is smarter than me so we usually run with it. He likes money and shitting from a great height on his brother, who is a corporate security dickbag. Other guy is Gav. Good guy most of the time but when he gets in a fight, sometimes a switch flicks and its about the same reaction as a rancor being kicked in the nuts.

So there we were, on a dive asteroid doing a dive job and we meet this guy who wants to pay for a lift out of there. Said he had some big information (sounded like stolen info from the corp at a guess) and Sluggo wanted him dead. Life has these moments where everything changes in an instant. One path led to leaving this guy to die there from a bunch of Hutt goons. One path led to dooming the rest of our lives in chaos. As I said, survival is overrated. Sometimes you just have to kick Death in his danglies and laugh in his face.

Option B (chaos) was chosen and here I am, having escaped from the asteroid, sat in a University cafe, letting Naz deal with a couple of googly eyed Nautilan chicks who want to discuss politics (kill me please). The guy we rescued is dumped in a hospital along with Gav, both of them feeling the effects of option B and here we are, waiting for our resistance contact to come along to examine the information that is probably going to be the death of us.

You know what though? At least I am going to die a fun death and between here and me lying in a pool of my own blood, there is going to be a lot of dead corps and asshole mercenaries. Chaos is the way to go man!


Jake grahcx

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