Tales from the Vo Witch

Log 1 of Kisara'Fenno

Dearest Talik’Fenno,
I hope this letter finds you well, little sister. Please let the family know that I am safe and that I hope to write more frequently now that I am no longer detained by fanatics… no need to share the latter tidbit with them. Between you and me, you’d think that those moronic followers wouldn’t have been able to track me down, but I got sloppy. They even took all my hard-earned money I made from selling the masks I liberated from them!
I don’t remember much after that, but I was fortunate enough to come to my senses long enough to take advantage of some well-meaning smugglers who wanted to play the hero. Worked out for me—they freed me from the cultists and pitied me enough to give me a room to recover in. And, Talik, I’ll spare you the details of how sick I was.
As I recovered, I planned to snoop around the ship, gather some valuables, and duck out at the next stop. We arrived at this ritzy port called ‘The Wheel" because one of the crew had a lead to a new job. Turned out the lead was Twi’lek, but he wouldn’t engage with me using his lekku. Preferred speaking instead. Weird, right!? Probably embarrassed a member of a low-ranking family graced his presence…rich bastard. I was therefore a little off my negotiating game and the gig we arranged was to send this crew on a death mission to find some long-lost ship. Not my best work. This seemed like a shady deal with no certainty of treasure, so I decided it was time to leave.
Before collecting my things, I played some sabbec with those special dice you gave me and made some quick cash (thank you!). As I was about to duck out, I saw the four crew members rushing to catch some rodians who had stolen the droid that was gifted to them. It was the perfect chance to search the ship. Before they were out of sight, I made a show of reporting the rodians to law enforcement. As I entered the ship, I realized that I was wrong. It wasn’t that they had given me the worst room in the ship… the WHOLE ship was falling apart! As I searched the rooms, I found myself looking less for valuables and more in astonishment that this rusting bucket of barnacles ever made it off the ground. I guess that’s kudos to their mechanic droid, WD.
I kept feeling like I was being watched, so I started to make my way off the ship, and ran into the the ragtag crew. All four looked only slightly scuffed up, but they had retrieved the droid and negotiated their way out of “The Wheel” without paying.
Intriguing, right? Maybe I sold them short, the stoic klatoonian, Stumpel, and the human ex-cop, Gav, certainly look threatening… maybe they are actually better fighters than I thought. And I didn’t believe it until I saw the security footage their human pilot, Naz, brought out to replay a dozen times.
Talik. You won’t believe me, but this guy can fly. I won’t even try to explain how he managed to fly THROUGH a ship without killing himself. It was impressive.
So, you can imagine then that I did some quick recalculations. The big job, Talik. The one I told you about. This crew might be able to pull it off…
I will keep you updated when I can. As long as I am not murdered in my sleep by their insane pet droid! The circuit-crossed little green terror shows up when I least expect and will either charge or stare while making creepy whirring sounds. WD told me I should treat M8 nicer and he will like me, but I still carry my blaster with me everywhere now.
Wish me well (and the locks on my door sturdy),
Love, Kisara


Jake Aislinn_M

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